Day: January 2, 2013

The “Blue” States Support The “Red States: Time For Republican States To Take Care Of Themselves!

The “Blue” or Democratic states are mostly donor states, more prosperous, who give much more in tax money to the federal government than they gain in return.

The “Red” or Republican states are mostly poor states who give much less in tax money to the federal government, and benefit from the generosity of the “Blue” states.

So we have Speaker John Boehner refusing to call up a bill for disaster relief for New York and New Jersey, due to the damages wrought by Hurricane Sandy!

But in “Red” states, disaster relief is much more quickly dispensed, as for instance, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina in 2005!

This is eminently unfair, and due a lot to envy and jealousy of the advantages in so many ways of New York and New Jersey, culturally, educationally, and otherwise, by states that are in many cases still backward, and living more in the 19th century, while New York, New Jersey, and other “Blue” states live in the 21st century!

Not all “Blue” states are donor states, but 17 of 26 which are include:

New York
New Jersey
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

The only “Red” state which is a donor state is Texas!

It is time for change on this matter!

Obscene, Crude Behavior By Republicans And Conservative Ideologues: No Common Decency!

Republicans and conservative ideologues have no limits as to their obscene, crude behavior.

Witness the news that Speaker of the House John Boehner, passing by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, uttered “Go F—Yourself”, which startled Reid, and Boehner repeated it. This was done, all because of the frustration of Boehner with Reid and the Democrats over the difficult bargaining on the “Fiscal Cliff”. It is certainly believable that anyone can have such thoughts, and might even state so to his friends and colleagues about someone else, but to use such language directly eye to eye with the person being attacked by such invective, is totally unacceptable, totally crude and obscene, totally unbecoming of a Congressional leader or anyone else in the public eye! Boehner needs to apologize publicly to Reid, but is unlikely to do so, but this makes further communication and negotiation with political rivals all that much more difficult! As a public figure, Boehner needs to set an example of good and appropriate behavior!

Let us not forget that during the George W. Bush Administration, Vice President Dick Cheney said the same words that Boehner utiliized against Reid, against Senator Patrick Leahy in the Senate chamber, and never apologized, and in fact bragged and gloated about his misbehavior and lack of class!

But it is not just foul language as mentioned above, but also the attack on Hillary Clinton by Republicans and conservatives who think her concussion and hospitalization with a blood clot is a lie, designed to prevent her from having to testify about the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack on September 11, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.

So fun has been made, and accusations have been uttered, that Hillary is not really sick, that it is all a cover up!

Among those saying this on camera are:

Former Florida Congressman Allen West
Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton
Conservative ideologue Laura Ingraham
Charles Krauthammer of Fox News Channel
Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Channel
Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel
Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host

And this is just a short list of cynics, who have no common decency, no compassion, no humanity, and know very well that the Libya matter is all conjured up, not a real issue. But it is the view of the right wing wingnuts that they must attack Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and other Democrats, simply because they are alive and breathing!

Nothing will stop the nasty, insulting, disgraceful behavior of Republicans and conservative ideologues in their mission to destroy America through character assassination of our political leaders, as long as they are Democrats!

The “Fiscal Cliff” Deal And Joe Biden’s Future

The details of the “Fiscal Cliff” deal will be analyzed over the coming days and weeks, but one of the clear cut winners is Vice President Joe Biden.

It was Biden who was summoned by President Barack Obama to meet with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on details of a proposed deal, and it was Joe Biden who brought about the agreement that avoided damage to financial markets, which already are booming this morning as the author writes.

It just proved once again how important Joe Biden is to the Obama Administration. He is no lapdog who just sits in the background of events. He is in the forefront of everything that Obama has done, although not always having his advice pursued.

But when push comes to shove, Biden is crucial to Obama, and he has shown that his great legislative experience and engaging personality can have a massive effect on bringing about positive results.

Biden is a masterful legislator, and has used his friendships and ties to other senior Senators to bring about desired results, but also, his expertise on foreign policy is hard to match!

Biden, in a fashion different from Lyndon B. Johnson, is a “wheeler dealer” who knows how to get things done, a term often given to the 36th President when he was Senate Majority Leader in the 1950s, as well as when he was President and getting tremendous results on his Great Society programs.

Biden’s talent as a deal maker, who is able to work across the aisle, and has the respect of Republican leaders, even if they do not agree with him philosophically, is precisely the type of leadership that could be useful to follow President Obama in the White House.

So despite his age of 74 in 2016, it is not proper to dismiss Biden as possibly the next President of the United States, as we could do far worse!

And realize NO ONE who has ever run for the Presidency in all of our history has the record of 44 years of service in government that Biden has—36 as a Senator, one of the longest terms ever, and eight years as Vice President, in the midst of all of the issues at hand!

Joe Biden’s warm, engaging personality, which gives people confidence and a feeling of liking this “regular guy”, is also a tremendous asset, as how many others in politics can come across as he does? This man is no phony, and instead is totally real and genuine, which may be his greatest asset of all!