Republicans And The Coal Miner Vote

Republicans are now talking about their “coal miner” background, as last night, Ann Romney, wife of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, referred to her Welsh grandfather being a coal miner; and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum constantly talks about his coal miner grandfather, who Rick noticed at his funeral had “very large hands” that had mined coal for decades.

So the Republican candidates are appealing for the “coal miner vote”, as if coal miners with any knowledge of history would do so–vote for Republicans.

The fact that the Republican Party has never given a damn about the horrible conditions of the coal mines, arguably the worst and most dangerous occupation in America, shows their total hypocrisy!

Which party promoted greater regulation of coal mines, better working conditions, better benefits for coal miners? The Democratic Party, NOT the Republicans!

Which party works in cooperation with coal company owners historically, and even recently, to undermine safety and health standards? The Republican Party, NOT the Democrats!

So it is time for Mitt Romney, his wife, and Rick Santorum, to stop pandering to coal miners, as if they give a damn, which they clearly don’t!

2 comments on “Republicans And The Coal Miner Vote

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge February 17, 2012 3:41 pm

    Hello Professor,
    My paternal Grandfather, and Uncles were union coal miners in West Virginia, and this is a topic very close to my heart. I am old enough to have seen and remember the little company coal mining towns outside of Fairmont, WV. I like to give the example of the Monongahela Coal Mine in Fairmont, WV. It was a Non-Union coal mine that indulged in the economic enslavement of “Owing Your Soul To The Company Store” for their workers.

    The static’s were that a man had a better chance of surviving the Trench Warfare of WWI in France than to work in that mine during that same timeframe. The facts of this mine are 180,000 tons of coal mined, and 3,242 American coal miners perished of the small ratio population who worked there.

    It was general practice that after an explosion or cave in that would kill many in the miner at the time, the Company would bring the bodies out on the coal car with a sympathy card, fruit basket, and an eviction notice to the widow because the Company needed that housing for the replacement man to live in as he was to go back in this same mine.

    When I hear one of my Republican counter parts spouting the Party Line of how Unions ruined the country, I give them the examples of West Virginia coal mining history. The reply usually is, “Well that was back then, they are not needed now.” This is when I come back with, “On April 5, 2010 an explosion inside the Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, W.Va. killed 29 miners. It was the worst U.S. coal mining disaster in 40 years.” I then continue how Gush Limblob (I use this name because that is how I feel about the Lard Tard Rush) went on for a whole day’s programming on how worthless the Unions were and what did the Union do to protect those workers of that mine. The Miners were just throwing away their Union Dues because the Union did nothing for those workers, but here in lies the problem…..the Upper Big Branch Mine was a Non-Union mine and the miners had no voice nor recourse for the many safety violations that were noted going on over the years in that mine and it cost the lives of 29, Fathers, Brothers, Husbands, etc. who depended on feeding and giving shelter for their families from that employment.

    Now to add insult to injury, the head of the Upper Branch who lied to mine inspectors, ignored the safety violations and was even proactive in making sure money was not spent on any safety or violation corrections, was given a severance package of several millions of dollars, a lucrative consulting contract for future projects, and has applied to operate a mine in Tennessee.

    The response from those I have passed this fact on was nothing more than introspective silence because they had no counter reply.

    So in closing I would pass on that Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum would be more in the camp of CEO of Upper Branch Coal Mine and they would be of any of the workers. Mitt and Rick I am sure could not get their hands dirty.

  2. Engineer Of Knowledge February 17, 2012 3:52 pm

    Hello Professor,
    The more I think about this posting the more indignant I am feeling. I just hope the working Middle Class does not buy into this cheep bull crap being slung by these two “Entitled and Elite” blowhards.

    My final statement to you, Professor, RIGHT ON!!!

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