Coal Corporations

Republicans And The Coal Miner Vote

Republicans are now talking about their “coal miner” background, as last night, Ann Romney, wife of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, referred to her Welsh grandfather being a coal miner; and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum constantly talks about his coal miner grandfather, who Rick noticed at his funeral had “very large hands” that had mined coal for decades.

So the Republican candidates are appealing for the “coal miner vote”, as if coal miners with any knowledge of history would do so–vote for Republicans.

The fact that the Republican Party has never given a damn about the horrible conditions of the coal mines, arguably the worst and most dangerous occupation in America, shows their total hypocrisy!

Which party promoted greater regulation of coal mines, better working conditions, better benefits for coal miners? The Democratic Party, NOT the Republicans!

Which party works in cooperation with coal company owners historically, and even recently, to undermine safety and health standards? The Republican Party, NOT the Democrats!

So it is time for Mitt Romney, his wife, and Rick Santorum, to stop pandering to coal miners, as if they give a damn, which they clearly don’t!