Will Newt Gingrich Become The “Anti Romney” Conservative Alternative?

So the “Flavor of the Month” is rapidly losing support in the Republican Party!

With a woman coming out today with a statement that Herman Cain made inappropriate sexual advances toward her, the fourth such woman, and this one willing to show her face, we will soon see the rapid decline of Herman Cain as a Presidential candidate, no great loss, as he had proved to be inadequate in his preparation, and ill informed on one issue after another, and with a crazy 9-9-9 tax plan that would raise taxes on the middle class and help the rich avoid taxes more than now!

With Herman Cain on the decline, after Rick Perry last month and Michele Bachmann the month before, now it looks more likely that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich might become the new “Anti Romney” conservative alternative for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Gingrich has the intelligence, the knowledge, the skills that are needed, no doubt, to run for the Presidency. He is a very skilled debater who would make a confrontation between himself and President Barack Obama the best Presidential debates ever, since the Lincoln Douglas Senate debates in Illinois in 1858!

What he lacks is discipline, control of his rhetoric and personal behavior, and an absolutely horrific record of scandal, poor ethics, and low morals as Speaker, and in his personal life, having had three marriages and two divorces, and a reputation as a womanizer par excellence!

GIngrich has always been one of the nastiest campaigners around, and has made some of the most outrageous statements and issued some of the most disgraceful personal attacks on President Obama. He has no shame, and seems to be immune to anything but his own ambitions and desires.

The thought of a Gingrich Presidency is to imagine someone who would be more hostile to the press and more controversial in the Presidency than anyone we have ever had. It would be damaging to the institution of the Presidency, and lower the reputation historically of that office!

This shows the sad state of the Republican Party, that Mitt Romney is unable to move beyond 25 percent in any poll, and the reality that conservatives do not want him, and are looking high and low for any alternative to the former Massachusetts Governor.

So with rising public opinion poll support, expect Newt Gingrich to become the new “Flavor of the Month” for November!

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