Poverty And Health Care Denial: The Disgrace Of American Democracy!

New statistics show that America, the ideal democracy in many people’s minds, has the horrific record of all time highs in number of people mired in poverty, and the number of people who lack health insurance coverage.

The Census Bureau reports that 15.1 percent, the highest since 1983, are in poverty, with a large percentage of these being children.

46.2 million, up 2.6 million since 2009, are in poverty, the number increasing because of the Great Recession.

Meanwhile, 49.9 million, an all time high, lack any health insurance coverage.

The concept that about one out of six Americans are in poverty and lack health care is a disgrace on American democracy!

How can we talk about American “exceptionalism” with such statistics?

How can the Republican Party act as if there is no crisis in America, and that instead they condemn those who are down and out to perpetual poverty, and yet they can sleep at night?

And how can a nation where so many talk about being “religious” can we see the hard hearted attitude of so many Right Wing Christians toward these poor people, and see cheers in the debate last night over the idea that a person without health insurance should NOT be given necessary health care, that it is not the responsibility of all of us to help those in need, and instead let that person die? And this from those who fight against abortion rights, and yet accept and cheer capital punishment!

The hypocrisy of so called “religious” people in the midst of poverty and deprivation is mind boggling!

One comment on “Poverty And Health Care Denial: The Disgrace Of American Democracy!

  1. Josh September 13, 2011 10:43 pm

    1) Capital punishment and abortion are both wrong. I assume that most people who oppose capital punishment, do so because of the possibility of murdering an innocent (though found guilty) individual. I happen to agree. That is also the basis for my pro-life stance on abortion. The only difference? The child inside the mother’s womb does not even have a voice to speak out against such horror!

    2) With respect to poverty: enslaving the impoverished and perpetual state of government aid does not solve the problem; it only sustains it. Creating an environment in which small businesses can have the confidence necessary to hire, grow, and prosper, is ultimately what will lead to fiscal sustainability. It is not the government’s responsibility to create jobs. It IS the government’s responsibility to put a stop to the destructive policies and political red tape that has accomplished nothing more than stall growth, create uncertainty in the market, and enslave the most vulnerable among us.

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