Day: September 24, 2011

Interesting Census Statistics On Asians In American Population

The Census Bureau keeps on coming out with new statistics from the 2010 Census, and one of the most interesting regards the Asian population growth in America over the past 50 years.

Back in the 1960s, people of all Asian ancestries represented one half of one percent of the American population.

Fifty years later, that percentage has increased one thousand percent, to a total of five percent of all Americans, more than 15 million people!

This five percent includes not just Chinese and Japanese, the usual groups one thinks of, but also Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, and all other groups coming from Asian nations.

This is a population which has seen great educational and economic successes, far outstripping other minority groups, and often surpassing even white American groups.

Having faced past discrimination, as particularly Chinese and Japanese did in American history, they have become part of the success story of America, and are a group which needs further study and appreciation of their contributions in history courses in colleges and universities, as well as in public education!