Could Barack Obama Win The South Against A Mormon (Mitt Romney Or Jon Huntsman)? A Mind Boggling Possibility!

With the growing feeling that either Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman, both Mormons, could have the best chance to be the Republican nominee and compete with President Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election, the question is arising: can a Mormon win the South, which is heavily Baptist, Evangelical Christian, and even with mainline Christian groups, highly religious as compared to the rest of America?

Imagine this: Our mixed race Black President, Barack Obama, winning the South! Winning because religion may become more of an issue over the controversy that the Mormon Church is not Christian and is a cult, according to the views of many devout Christians, than race!

Could this REALLY happen? It would be mind boggling to say the least, and makes trying to analyze the upcoming political contest all the more fascinating!

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