The Growing Movement Against School Homework: A Major Mistake!

At a time when school achievement is declining rapidly, and America’s schoolchildren are demonstrating less and less general knowledge of all areas of learning at all grade levels, a movement is on to cut back, and in many cases, end school homework, and that is a major mistake!

Of course, children do not like homework, anymore than most people love going to work daily. But that is not the point to be considered!

Homework assists learning, and with the school day and year as short as it is, and so much time wasted in school as it is, homework becomes even more important to teach work habits, and to promote basic skills and acquisition of general knowledge.

It is all good and fine that parents assist children in sports, music, and other social activities outside of school.

It is also good that children should have some time for themselves and to do what they want in their spare time.

But in order to promote deeper thought and analysis skills, a substantial commitment to homework, but challenging work that requires real involvement in use of computer research, is essential.

Children must learn that computers and technology are not just for social media and playing video games, but also for real acquisition of general knowledge in all areas of the curriculum to create a work ethic for adulthood!

2 comments on “The Growing Movement Against School Homework: A Major Mistake!

  1. Jeff Zelaya June 15, 2011 10:00 pm

    Excellent post Ron! Agree with you 100%. These kids are our future, let’s arm them with the tools they need but also show them how to really use them.

  2. Zach June 16, 2011 11:35 pm

    I’m not sure how students will be prepared for college work loads if they have never experienced homework? How could a student go from never having an assignment their senior year, to having to read and understand several chapters of a college text book. I think its a plot for Drug companies to sell more depression meds and drugs that some students are supplied to help focus.

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