The Iowa Presidential Caucus Of 2012: A Battle Between Mike Huckabee And Sarah Palin?

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is seen by many observers as having an edge to win the Iowa Presidential caucus if she decides to enter the Presidential race.

With her strong support among evangelical Christians and conservative Tea Party activists, it is feared among mainstream Republicans that she would get an early boost in financial support and media exposure if she was to win the first test of voters in that crucial midwestern state.

But if one thinks back to the 2008 Iowa caucus results, the realization is that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, himself an ordained Baptist minister, won that contest over John McCain and Mitt Romney, even though he floundered after that victory.

So if both of these former Governors and Fox News Channel employees decide to compete in this contest, along with many others, it is far from certain that Palin would indeed have an edge to win Iowa!

This far ahead, there is no way to forecast how the caucus would turn out, and remember, it is NOT a guarantee that winning the Iowa Presidential caucus would be the first step toward the nomination of the Republican Party for the Presidency of the United States! It could just be gaining headlines and attention that disappears once the New Hampshire primary takes place!

One comment on “The Iowa Presidential Caucus Of 2012: A Battle Between Mike Huckabee And Sarah Palin?

  1. tom November 26, 2010 2:10 pm

    As an Iowan, and listening to a lot of local right wing radio, I can assure you that Huckabee is the evangelical favorite. I think Palin has played herself out here in Iowa, because of her endorsement of Branstad. Certainly from outside Iowa it would look like her endorsement helped the former Governor, but the Evangelicals were solidly for Vanderplots, and were angry at Palin for endorsing Branstad. From living here most of my life I can tell you that these people have long memories, and won’t forget Palin backing Terry B. I also think it is important for people outside of Iowa to realize we are not a Red State. Certainly a small, vocal, and energized group of people voted in the last election, but as a whole Iowa has always been a well balanced state of forward thinking with fiscally sound government. I Suppose if you had to pick a color for Iowa it would be blue east of interstate 35 and red west of Interstate 35:-)

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