Day: November 24, 2010

Iowa Congressman Steve King Wants To Abolish Birthright Citizenship In 14th Amendment! :(

Right after the Civil War, the Republican Party passed the 14th Amendment and sent it to the states for ratification, and in 1868, the most important amendment since the Bill of Rights, up to the present day, went into effect!

The excuse of a Republican Party of 2010 now has Representative Steve King of Iowa, one of the most outrageous members of the House, wishing to repeal the birthright citizenship portion of the amendment, put into place 142 years ago!

Constitutional experts say this attempt to take away citizenship from children born of illegal immigrants would be unconstitutional, but the plan is to pass legislation and have it challenged, and then push for a constitutional amendment to ban “anchor babies”!

Others, including Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have also backed such an idea, which would be setting up a new category of children born in the United States, who would be technically stateless!

If such a law or amendment was passed, it would be a violation of human rights, but it is certain no such amendment could pass, since it would require a two thirds vote of both houses of Congress, and thankfully, such despicable thoughts are not shared by that large a number of the members of Congress! 🙁

Sarah Palin, Barbara Bush, And North Korea! How Can Anyone Take Sarah Seriously? :(

Sarah Palin lashed out today at former First Lady Barbara Bush for suggesting that Sarah should stay in Alaska, during the interview conducted by Larry King on CNN with the first President Bush and his wife.

Calling them “blue bloods” who were “immature”, “inefficient”, and “unprofessional”, she said the American people did not want the Republican Party dictating who they should support! One has to wonder what she meant by the terms described above, as it is all very unclear, as she is on a regular basis! 🙁

But even worse than her reaction to Barbara Bush is Sarah Palin’s reaction to the threatened war between North and South Korea. Does not a President or a Presidential candidate need to know the basics of international relations, such as North Korea is the Communist nation that is the threat, and South Korea is our ally and a democratic nation? According to Sarah, we must back our ally, NORTH KOREA! 🙁

Is that an acceptable flub? Absolutely NO, and is further proof, along with her inane comments about “blue bloods” and Barbara Bush, that it is time for Sarah to bow out of the Presidential race before she becomes the laughing stock of the country, which actually, in many ways, she already is! 🙁

The Hypocrisy Of Freshman Republican Congressman Andy Harris On Health Care! :(

Congressman elect Andy Harris of Maryland is a doctor who ran for Congress opposed to the Obama Health Care reform legislation!

Harris seems to have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath, as he was unconcerned about the reality of 30 million and more Americans lacking any health care, many with pre-existing conditions! 🙁

Instead, he has subscribed to the Hypocritical Oath–to condemn health care while being a doctor by profession, but complaining that the government sponsored health care plan for Congressmen does not kick in for a month after he takes the oath! 🙁

Harris had the gall at an orientation meeting for new members of Congress to complain about having no health care coverage for a month, when many have not had it for many years, and will continue to be in that state if the repeal of health care legislation ever comes about!

One would think that Dr. Harris should have enough wealth that he can afford to cover his own health care for a month!

In fact, one has to suggest why Harris would want to expect taxpayers to cover his health care costs, when he has plenty of assets to afford it on his own, unlike the millions of Americans who lack any ability to pay for health care!

Why doesn’t Harris think of government paid health care for him as “socialism”, and reject it?

In fact, why don’t the American people demand that all critics of the Obama Health Care plan be denied coverage, whether already in Congress or newly elected?

In other words, Republican naysayers, practice what you preach! Turn down any “handouts” from the government, and save taxpayers money!