Day: November 19, 2010

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Dollar Issued On 147th Anniversary Of Gettysburg Address!

The US Mint has been engaged in issuing Presidential Dollar Coins for the past four years, with four Presidents being honored each year. The series will continue for the next number of years until all Presidents will be so honored.

The dating is perfect, as today, November 19, the US Mint is honoring our 16th President, our greatest President, Abraham Lincoln, with the issuance of what will certainly be the most sought after of all Presidential Dollar coins!

And the timing could not have been better, as today marks the 147th Anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, considered the greatest short speech ever delivered in American history!

The speech, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, honored the fallen of the Gettysburg Battle of July 1, 2 and 3, 1863, arguably the most significant single moment of the Civil War!

The speech took exactly two minutes to utter, but its message of mourning the dead of both sides and the hope for reconciliation and the promotion of human freedom rings down through the ages, and just adds to the greatness of Abraham Lincoln!

So the issuance of the Lincoln Dollar today is a cause for celebration of our values and our history, and ushers in over the next five years the commemoration of Lincoln and the events of the Civil War a century and a half ago!

The statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln is sorely needed today, not just on the Presidential level, but on the Congressional level, as the nation faces its greatest crisis since the Great Depression, and desperately needs unity and a sense of purpose!