The Hypocrisy Of Freshman Republican Congressman Andy Harris On Health Care! :(

Congressman elect Andy Harris of Maryland is a doctor who ran for Congress opposed to the Obama Health Care reform legislation!

Harris seems to have forgotten the Hippocratic Oath, as he was unconcerned about the reality of 30 million and more Americans lacking any health care, many with pre-existing conditions! 🙁

Instead, he has subscribed to the Hypocritical Oath–to condemn health care while being a doctor by profession, but complaining that the government sponsored health care plan for Congressmen does not kick in for a month after he takes the oath! 🙁

Harris had the gall at an orientation meeting for new members of Congress to complain about having no health care coverage for a month, when many have not had it for many years, and will continue to be in that state if the repeal of health care legislation ever comes about!

One would think that Dr. Harris should have enough wealth that he can afford to cover his own health care for a month!

In fact, one has to suggest why Harris would want to expect taxpayers to cover his health care costs, when he has plenty of assets to afford it on his own, unlike the millions of Americans who lack any ability to pay for health care!

Why doesn’t Harris think of government paid health care for him as “socialism”, and reject it?

In fact, why don’t the American people demand that all critics of the Obama Health Care plan be denied coverage, whether already in Congress or newly elected?

In other words, Republican naysayers, practice what you preach! Turn down any “handouts” from the government, and save taxpayers money!

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