Public Perceptions Of Barack Obama And The Upcoming Congressional Elections

A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Barack Obama, after 15 months in office, and a constant barrage of attack from right wing talk radio, FOX News, and the Republican party, is showing up as very strong in the public mind!

58 percent have a favorable impression of the President, with 37 percent strongly and 21 percent somewhat favorable. The other 42 percent is unfavorable, but 12 percent is somewhat unfavorable, and only 29 percent strongly unfavorable. If only 29 percent are strong in their dislike, it has to be said that is the base which everyone realizes despises the President, but that is nothing to worry about!

54 percent support Obama’s performance as President, and 44 percent do not, with 33 percent strongly against.

By 46-32, the people believe the Democrats are the better party to deal with the problems of the next few years in this nation. And by 59-25, the poll suggests that the American people blame George W. Bush over Obama for the economic crisis we are facing! Additionally, Bush is blamed 60-22 over Obama for the federal budget deficit crisis we have to confront!

And imagine this statistic! 53 percent think Obama’s views on most issues is just about right, while 39 percent think he is too liberal and 5 percent think he is too conservative! All that Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Bill O’Reilly, and all the other right wing propagandists have said has NOT impressed the majority of Americans, who are showing that they know the difference between truth and fiction!

The one third of the country which chooses to continue to believe the propaganda of the right wing, and to promote hate and division and racism, has the freedom to express such disgraceful rhetoric, but the majority of the nation is, fortunately, too decent, to take it seriously!

There are already hints that the Republican party will be very surprised on Election Day this fall that they will not gain as much in Congress and the states as they seem to think they will! The Democratic Party and President Obama will be able to show they are the party of results, on health care, financial reform (which as I write, the GOP is finally ending the filibuster on discussion of legislation, because the public WANTS financial reform), and likely on other essential legislation on energy and the environment, and hopefully, on immigration reform!

Enough of propaganda and lies, and more action, is the Democratic message, and it will look very good by the fall, and with the economy showing signs of improvement as well, it will be a much better Democratic result than had been expected just a couple of months ago!

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