The Work Ethic And Ethics Itself In Crisis In America!

When the news emerged regarding the 33 employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission who spent all of most of their time at work surfing the Web for pornography, some for eight hours a day on the office computer, it really brought to reality the fact that this is just a symptom of what is really wrong with America in the 21st Century!

Of course, it is wrong to put the onus on the thousands of employees of the SEC who do their job with professionalism and commitment every day! But the thought that highly trained professionals, many of them attorneys, would act so disgracefully at the work place, is extremely disturbing!

This is just a symptom of the tremendous collapse of the work ethic, as well as ethical standards themselves, which has in all walks of life become a growing menace to the future growth and advancement of American democracy!

Whether it is government, business, medicine, the law, religious institutions, education, social service agencies, the media or anything else, the trend has been toward greater numbers of people failing to meet their responsibilities at work and having low ethical and moral standards in the way they interrelate with others!

If we do not regain the high standards that made America great, then we may be witnessing the permanent decline of the American way of life, and that is something that should alarm everyone who cares about the future of this great nation! 🙁

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