Energy Regulations: Coal, Oil, And The Federal Government

President Obama is presently memorializing the 29 coal miners killed on April 5 at the Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, West Virginia. The obvious need for greater regulation of mine safety has been recognized because of this, the latest, of numerous mine tragedies.

The country is also mourning the loss of 11 oil rig workers who are missing and presumed dead from the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico earlier this month, causing many to wonder about off shore oil drilling in the Gulf, which is part of President Obama’s plans.

The nation has a great need for the development of energy resources, but the seemingly persistent loss of life demands us to step back and try to figure out what can be done to promote safety for energy workers, who play such an important role in the welfare of our country! We also must consider the effects on the environment at the same time!

Despite the mistrust that exists among many people toward the federal government, it is only that government who can insist on safety regulations enforcement to protect the workers, and Obama is very aware of the need to increase and improve regulation.

Anyone who is against this is living in a fantasy world! We still need government, whether some want to accept that as a reality!

2 comments on “Energy Regulations: Coal, Oil, And The Federal Government

  1. Fred April 26, 2010 6:59 am

    Perhaps the saddest thing is that regulations were in place that would probably have shut down that mine before the disaster. Over the years, a certain political party gutted enforcement by cutting jobs and funding for mine safety, environmental protection, food safety, etc. (“We don’t need the federal government interfering in our lives.”) I agree more safety laws would be beneficial but not unless you have the will to enforce them and the people to carry out the inspections.

  2. Ronald April 26, 2010 7:54 am

    You are absolutely correct, Fred! Passage of laws is a first step, but if the laws are not enforced, or people are selected for the enforcement who have no such intention, then it is a pure mockery of the intention of the regulatory legislation! 🙁

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