The Saga Of Florida Governor Charlie Crist: Independent Candidacy For The Senate?

The Republican Party is at a crossroads nationally, as it is in process of “eating” its moderates, in the mad dash to please the Tea Party Movement.

The likely victims are Florida Governor Charlie Crist, if he stays in the party and continues his “lost cause” campaign for the GOP nomination for the Senate; Arizona Senator John McCain, desperately trying to hold off former Congressman J. D. Hayworth for the Senate nomination; and Utah Senator Bob Bennett, who is being challenged by Tea Party people who think he is insufficiently conservative. Other “victims” may yet arise in future years, including Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

This attempt to eliminate more moderate voices (by comparison), is really a suicidal move by the GOP establishment, and it is most evident in the case of Charlie Crist, who looks ready to “throw in the towel” as a Republican candidate for the Senate, due to the total abandonment by all of the leading Republicans, including John McCain, who is forgetting the concept of loyalty, as without Crist’s support, it is likely that he would not have been the Republican Presidential nominee in 2008!

The question is whether Crist will “fall on his own sword”, or decide to run as an Independent. The odds seem heavy that he will leave the party battle, and declare as an Independent by the end of April, the deadline to take that move in Florida.

The odds seem difficult, but doable that he could win in a three way race, as Joe Lieberman did in Connecticut in 2008, after losing the Democratic nomination for another term, but the difference is that the Democrats welcomed him when he won the seat back in November, 2008.

Were Crist to win, one wonders whether he would feel comfortable in a party which rejected him BEFORE the primary, and even whether they would be so “pure” that they would not welcome him in their party caucus. So the thought is that, were he to win, he just might join the Democratic caucus, which would really be “justice” after the shabby treatment the Republicans have given him.

Expect, in all likelihood, that Charlie Crist will announce an Independent candidacy in the middle of next week, which will make the Senate race in Florida one of the most interesting and most watched races of 2010!

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