Obama And The Nuclear Security Summit

President Obama accomplished a great agreement at a Nuclear Security Summit held in Washington, DC last week.

47 nations agreed to track down all nuclear material over the next four years, and the goal of the meeting, a gathering of more nations than at any time since World War II, was to work together to promote the eventual elimination of all nuclear weapons.

This comes on top of the Russian-US agreement to cut nuclear arsenals by one third, with verification means to insure that both sides keep the agreement.

What Obama did this past week is the fulfillment of what, ironically, President Ronald Reagan promoted as a goal, when he made arms agreements with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

This is something, therefore, that all should embrace, but instead, predictably, conservatives and Republicans are forgetting what Reagan enunciated in his second term in office, and already promise a battle over the strategic arms reduction treaty (START) when it comes to the Senate.

This will happen, despite the fact that Republicans from earlier administrations have spoken up in favor of the treaty and the move toward nuclear security. But rather than unite around the danger of nuclear proliferation and attempt to promote progress on this, the opposition would rather use it as a political issue, so the treaty will incite a new struggle! 🙁

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