Is Sean Hannity Crazy? Suggestion Of A Palin-Bachmann Presidential Ticket In 2012!

Sean Hannity of Fox News Channel is famous, or infamous, for making ridiculous statements, but one particular assertion this past week goes beyond the pale! 🙁

He suggested that Sarah Palin was as bright and intelligent as President Barack Obama, and thought an excellent GOP ticket for 2012 would be Sarah Palin for President and Michele Bachmann, notorious Congresswoman from Minnesota, as Vice President! 🙁

Is there anyone sane out there who agrees with Sean Hannity? How could anyone in their right mind make such a statement? 🙁

The thought of such a ticket would be enough for many to say goodbye to the United States! This is the most preposterous ticket ever conceived by anyone!

One thought though–while both are scary, at least Michele Bachmann has been a practicing attorney and is obviously intelligent and competent! Sarah Palin has no qualifications at all, and went through multiple colleges before finally gaining a bachelor’s degree in communication.

The problem is that while Michele Bachmann is qualified intellectually, her views are so terrifying that it is enough to promote a nightmare! LOL

No matter how one looks at it, the “dream ticket” of Sean Hannity is an absolute “no brainer”! 🙁

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