“The Progressive Professor” Reaches The Milestone of 20 Months And 1,000 Entries!

Today, April 11, marks 20 months of this political blog, and this entry is the 1,000th I have placed since August 11, 2008!

Exactly 8 months ago, August 11, 2009, the name “The Progressive Professor” was born, and it has, both in the year before the new name, and in the eight months since, been an absolute delight to express my thoughts on the political issues of the difficult times we live in!

I have been very appreciative of all of the participants in this blog, some of whom I know, and many who I do not personally know, for their interest and willingness to express their views on the controversies at hand!

Many have been supportive, while some have been critical, and I have tried, when necessary, to respond to the criticisms in an appropriate manner! The number of participants have increased as time has passed, and I hope there will be much more interaction in the future, but I appreciate every one of the 413 comments (so far) that have been made!

My pace of entries has increased so that since the new name was adopted eight months ago, I have ranged from approximately 70-80 entries per month. I intend to keep up this pace, except that when I go on vacation, there will be gaps where I will be unable to respond to events on a timely basis. Otherwise, I intend to continue the trend of having at least one entry every calendar day!

I wish to remind readers of this blog that I have a convenient list of more than 100 links that will be of great use to you, as they are to me! So this blog can be useful to you in more ways than one!

So continue your reading, and your reactions to my blog entries, and I hope there will be many more participants as time goes by! 🙂 Thank you very much for reading! 🙂

One comment on ““The Progressive Professor” Reaches The Milestone of 20 Months And 1,000 Entries!

  1. Jon April 12, 2010 10:20 pm

    Congrats!! It is a great accomplishment, one you can be proud of. Looking forward to many more posts and much more political discourse in the future. 😉

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