Poll Shows Most Want To Tax Rich, But Not Cut Medicare And Social Security!

A Quinnipiac Poll shows that a vast majority of people, 60 percent, want to tax more those who make over $250,000, and 70 percent want to tax more those who make over $1 million. This includes both Democrats and Republicans stating such views.

But 80 percent do NOT want any tax increases on those making under $250,000, and most are vehemently opposed to any cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

Unfortunately, it is not sensible to think that such an attitude can work, as the irresponsible cuts in taxes since the Reagan Administration have helped to create the budget deficits we now face! The Republicans have been responsible for most of this budget shortfall, by tremendous increases in defense spending and war spending, particularly under George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

Sales and income tax increases will be necessary in the long run, no matter what people might feel or wish. And future reform of Social Security is unavoidable, as it was once modified in 1983 during the administration of Ronald Reagan.

And also, Medicare spending will have to be modified, to get rid of waste and fraud, a lot of it caused by corrupt hospital practices and doctors who overbill with reckless abandon!

What it comes down to is there is no “free ride”, and the American people will have to learn that you must pay for what you want, and that you cannot expect others to pay while you gain everything as if there are no limits!

This, unfortunately, is an age of greed and selfishness, a new Gilded Age, which has been with us for 30 years and must now be reckoned with! We will have to limit expectations that the American people have become accustomed to as entitlements without responsibility!

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