“October Surprise”

7 Months To Inauguration Day: Fears Grow Of Potential For Disastrous Events Before Election Day, And Up To Inauguration Day

America has gone through 41 months of the Trump Presidency as of today, June 20, and faces 7 more months until Inauguration Day, and 4.5 months until Election Day.

It is well known that events in the next 4.5 months could dramatically change the results of the Presidential Election of 2020, from what they might seem to be today.

This would not be the first time that “last minute” events, often called the “October Surprise”, transformed what happened on Election Day.

With all of the tumult and conflict we have witnessed under Donald Trump’s Presidency, it now looks as if Joe Biden is a clear cut front runner, but this is not a time to relax, as no result is certain, and people need to exercise their right to vote.

Somehow, with a first nearly six months of 2020 being so unbelievable, with the impeachment trial; the CoronaVirus Pandemic coming upon us: the resultant complete collapse of the American economy; and the escalating violence by law enforcement against black men, leading to widespread demonstrations and some violence, one has to have trepidation about what the rest of this year portends!

“The October Surprise” Is The Wrath Of Nature!

The traditional line is that in any Presidential campaign, there is an “October Surprise”, which can transform the race.

Who would think it is the wrath of nature, represented by Hurricane Sandy, a “Frankenstorm”, a storm of the century, which will soon devastate the Northeast and Midwest, an area of over 60 million people, and will likely cut down voting numbers, although many have participated in early voting, some indications being possibly 40 percent of the voting population.

This could have a dramatic effect not only on the Presidential election, but on Congressional and state elections, and transform our future in ways we cannot yet imagine!

This can, therefore, be seen as a moment of crisis, and a moment for urgent leadership by President Barack Obama, and appropriate reaction by Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

If power is out for an extended period of time, it could lead to millions not voting, and could also lead to lawsuits regarding close election results.

One has to wonder what the power of nature is trying to say to us, a country deeply divided, and sadly, unlikely to change as a result of this highly charged Presidential Election of 2012!