Military Cemeteries

The Revelations About Trump And The Military Seem Likely To Be “The September Surprise”, Which Will Decide The Election!

There is a growing feeling that the revelations about Donald Trump calling those in the military “Losers” and “Suckers”, who have sacrificed their lives or been seriously wounded affecting their remaining lives forever, will be the decisive factor in the Presidential Election of 2020.

If this occurs, we may call the revelation of The Atlantic Magazine the “September Surprise”, rather than the traditional belief and often reality of an “October Surprise” that determines the final result of the election.

Many retired military, and many military families whose members are endangering their lives daily, have already expressed total shock and disbelief that their Commander in Chief has so little regard for the troops, and those in military cemeteries.

The fact that Donald Trump evaded the draft on the basis of “bone spurs”, signed off by a doctor who knew Trump’s father and had an apartment rent covered by the father for the favor of writing a draft deferment letter for his son, enrages many people, whether connected to the military or not.

The lack of respect and honor by Trump, who has made a big deal over those who bend their knee for the Star Spangled Banner, and constantly has invoked false military themes, is a moment of reckoning for many people who may not have been irritated by other issues and matters, but are so by this reality.

Donald Trump Disparages Military Service, Heroism, And Sacrifice

One would think America had reached bottom with Donald Trump behavior and utterances, but no, not so!

We now learn that Donald Trump, who used “bone spurs” as the excuse to avoid military service during the Vietnam War, has regularly disparaged military service, heroism, and sacrifice, and it has all been confirmed by Fox News Channel, imagine that!

Calling those who served or serve in the military “Suckers” and “Losers”,

and not wishing to visit cemeteries to honor the dead,

and more concerned about the effect on his hair at a military site if it rains or is windy,

and condemning Senator John McCain as a “Loser’ for being captured and imprisoned for five years in Vietnam,

and threatening his son Donald Jr if he joined the military, when he was young, with him being disowned by his own father,

What can one say, and how can Donald Trump recover from this revelation, as already, there are hints that many military retirees, and family members, and troops presently serving, are rapidly abandoning Trump, with a sense of outrage and fury, and rightfully so!

Donald Trump has no patriotism, no loyalty to the nation he leads, and yet he is unwilling to condemn the evils of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and is clearly compromised, so is a traitor, clear and simple!

Trump is a disgrace to the Oval Office, and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and face life in prison, along with his evil wife and first three children!

He is a stain upon the Presidency, and it will take years to undo the damage he has wrought!