Donald Trump Disparages Military Service, Heroism, And Sacrifice

One would think America had reached bottom with Donald Trump behavior and utterances, but no, not so!

We now learn that Donald Trump, who used “bone spurs” as the excuse to avoid military service during the Vietnam War, has regularly disparaged military service, heroism, and sacrifice, and it has all been confirmed by Fox News Channel, imagine that!

Calling those who served or serve in the military “Suckers” and “Losers”,

and not wishing to visit cemeteries to honor the dead,

and more concerned about the effect on his hair at a military site if it rains or is windy,

and condemning Senator John McCain as a “Loser’ for being captured and imprisoned for five years in Vietnam,

and threatening his son Donald Jr if he joined the military, when he was young, with him being disowned by his own father,

What can one say, and how can Donald Trump recover from this revelation, as already, there are hints that many military retirees, and family members, and troops presently serving, are rapidly abandoning Trump, with a sense of outrage and fury, and rightfully so!

Donald Trump has no patriotism, no loyalty to the nation he leads, and yet he is unwilling to condemn the evils of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and is clearly compromised, so is a traitor, clear and simple!

Trump is a disgrace to the Oval Office, and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and face life in prison, along with his evil wife and first three children!

He is a stain upon the Presidency, and it will take years to undo the damage he has wrought!

21 comments on “Donald Trump Disparages Military Service, Heroism, And Sacrifice

  1. Jeffrey G Moebus September 5, 2020 1:27 am

    Unfortunately, the Hell of it, Professor, is that Trump is absolutely correct.

    [Note: Please bear in mind that i say this as a retired US Army Master Sergeant with 28 years of service, 22 on active duty, including two in Viet Nam in the 60s, and two in the pre-Operation Desert Storm Middle East in the 80s.]

    First of all: What total, complete, unmitigated BS.  Screw a bunch of “unidentified [but, trust us, ‘reliable’] sources.” GMAFB. And we call this a “media”?

    Having said that, i have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Trump no doubt said that, or something like that, about the “losers” and “suckers” buried in that Cemetery. That’s about right for the scum-bag that he is.
    But the hell of it is that the bastard is absolutely correct.

    Those Soldiers buried there in that Cemetery lost their lives.

    That makes them “losers” in the very biggest possible sense of the word; tho very probably not in the sense implied by what Trump probably said. i doubt if the thought of what kind of “losers” these folks actually were and are could ever even cross his mind.

    And they were definitely “suckers” for having bought into the Lie that their President ~ the guy re-elected in 1916 on the promise of “No Americans in European Wars” ~ and his government and its media told them: That this War was “The War To End All War,” and “To Make The World Safe For Democracy,” and all the rest of the BS purveyed, propagated, pontificated, perpetrated, and perpetuated by those people in a position to take the American People into a War that those same American People sensed, thought, and knew was not America’s problem or business. [Except, of course, that it was Big business, indeed, for America’s then-nascent, but growing by leaps-and-bounds military-industrial complex.]

    And needless to say, those Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1917-18 driven thru Congress by that same freedom-lover Wilson [a precursor to the USA PATRIOT Act] certainly helped created the perfect legal, cultural, social, psychological, and spiritual set and setting for all those “suckers” to get sucked in by.

    What SHOULD happen is that The Atlantic, its reporter, those alleged “unidentified witnesses,” anybody else who was personally present during any conversation between Trump and his staff about going to the Cemetery, and Trump himself should all be put under criminal Grand Jury court proceedings oath on live television and internet, and be sworn to tell the Truth about what actually, really happened that day.

    If nothing else, that could serve either as a means of eliminating any need for Trump to bring libel, slander, or any other kind of lawsuit against The Atlantic and others; or, on the other hand, of demonstrating that one is justified.

    But all that WILL happen is that it will become just another passing distraction from what is really going on down there in SwampLand. More fodder for the campaign; and something for the media to go on and on about so as to divert everybody’s attention from just exactly how perilously close this Nation is to coming apart at the seams.

    Or at least until the next outrageous story from the next set of “unidentified but [trust us] ‘reliable’ sources” takes us into the next reality-tv episode of The Age of Trump, Year 4.

    Just for starters: What was that about America’s national, sovereign debt exceeding its GDP for the first time since WWII? What was that about how soon Social Security, Medicare, and other federal “entitlement” programs will be in default? What was that about next week marking the 19th anniversary of a War that is no closer to being over, let alone “won” [whatever that means or ever meant] than it was on 9/12? What was that about…. oh, never mind.

    We’ve got an election to win, the politicians and their media will bleat. The voters certainly don’t need to be thinking about stuff like that; and we, the candidates, certainly don’t need to be required to answer any questions or offer any solutions about any of that. The most important thing right now is for us to get [back, as the case may be] into office and power, so we can start [or keep] doing the great job we will be [are] doing representing our donors and contributors, our owners and operators, our….. er, sorry, our Constituents… .

    In any event, i sent out one of my rants to the local media up here in Sitka back on 13 November 2018, a couple of days after the incident in France, that took a look at that whole goat rope. i find it just as ~ if not more ~ relevant today than it was then:

    The Ghosts of Aisne-Marne and Sitka

    Shortly before midnite, Sunday, November 11, i took a ride out, and walked up to the flagpole on top of the Sitka National Cemetery, took a seat beside one of the guns outside the spot-lited area, and had a look around.

    i’d come up there that nite after having spent a considerable portion of the day reading of, and pondering events in France.

    Events involving a certain American Cemetery and a certain American President’s taking a rain check on an international ceremony attended by the leaders of both America’s Allies and of the “Enemy” of World War I, to pay honor, homage, tribute, and respect to the American Warriors buried there, not far from where they were killed in combat, back in The Great War….; the War that was going to “End All War [and so forth].”

    A ceremony that this American President chose to sit out, watching it on tv at the American Ambassador to France’s downtown Paris maximumly securatized chalet compound, instead.

    i went up to that knoll around midnite to see what the Folks up there in that Cemetery ~ The Ghosts of Sitka ~ had to say about all that; and, particularly, if they’d heard anything from their compeers over in France at the Cemetery in question: The Ghosts of Aisne-Marne. And, if so, what they’d had to say.

    Much of what i heard from The Ghosts of Sitka ~ and of what they reported on what their buds over in France had had to say ~ is unprintable; at least in a family, community newspaper. So, this is a heavily redacted compendium of what these folks said ~ translated from the parlance of American Centurions who have been killed in combat, into terms that, hopefully, the living can understand.

    First, they said, it was the noise about flag-burning.

    Then, they continued, it was the flap about NFL anthem-kneelers.

    Then it was all that joking tweet-twat chit-chat about admiring how Putin and Xi were Presidents-for-Life.

    Then it was his fantasy about having a military parade in his [er, sorry, in “our great Veterans'”] honor, with him as Commander-In-Chief on the reviewing stand.

    And, in and around all that, was the incessence of the Tweet storms, Fox chants, 2020 Campaigner speeches, and so forth on [and on] about “fake news,” and on [and on] about that “greatest enemy of, and most dangerous threat to the American people: the media.”

    [This from a man whose principle female de-crypter early on announced and established the existence of “alternative facts” as an explanation for the numerous ~ if not countless ~ discrepancies between her boss’ declarations, declamations, and pontifications, on the one hand, and reality, on the other.]

    All of that, apparently, had already established a framework and foundation upon which the folks permanently stationed in places like Aisne-Marne, or at the American cemetery up north in Normandy, or over in Arlington just down the road from Mr Trump’s White House, or at Pearl Harbor, etc [and right here in Sitka], could offer comments like:

    “Corporal Bonespurs is completely ignorant of, oblivious to, and obviously doesn’t give a [expletive deleted] about the First Amendment to The Constitution of The United States of America. Which is not altogether to surprising, given that he never put his body where his mouth is, hiding behind his Daddy’s money to get all his Deferments.”

    “… that First Amendment, in case the Corporal might not have learned about it off at military school, is the defense of and for which not a few of us who are buried here got our asses killed. Or at least, so we were told.”

    “Just what this World needs: another [expletive deleted]ing ‘nationalist’: somebody who thinks that that means that every other nation on the planet must and will do exactly what his nation wants it to do… . From the replays, it looks like The Donald slept thru Macron’s comments on that matter. It’s a shame. I guess Corporal Bonespurs don’t realize that it was bloody [expletive deleted]ing ‘nationalism’ that got all of us all killed here, in the first [expletive deleted]ing place, eh? Then again, how could, would, or should he; the [expletive deleted]ing [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]?”

    “So, like his mouthpiece [White House Press Secretary Sarah] Sanders put it: The Corporal didn’t want his motorcade to cause an ‘unexpected disruption to the city [of Paris] and its people,’ eh? Like the motorcade of [White House Chief of Staff] Kelly, [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff] Dunford, and who knows which and how many other White House strap-hangers and staff pukes going to the same [expletive deleted]ing ceremony didn’t cause ‘unexpected disruptions’? Give me a [expletive deleted]ing break.”

    “I’m sure that The Corporal was briefed on The Battle of Belleau Wood, which is why and how virtually all of us got here to be buried, in the first place. I’m also sure that he could give a flip-flap-flying-[expletive deleted] about that. Especially when there’s tv to watch, Tweets to tweet, and Parisian Kentucky Fried Chicken to munch on.”

    “According to Briefbarf, InfoWarts, and other reliable sources, the real reason the helicopter was grounded and that The Corporal stayed within the maximumly secured Ambassador’s mansion, was because unusually usually unusually reliable intelligence sources had all-but almost confirmed that there were radical fundamentalist Islamo-fascist jihadist heat-seeking missiles all over Paris, just daring Marine One to try to make a run for that ceremony.”

    “My guess is that Corporal Bonespurs didn’t want to mess up his or Melania’s hair-dos.”

    “Wasn’t Hitler a Corporal?”

    Any Trumpatista who would like to challenge my or The Ghosts’ sentiments on any or all of this are invited to join me at the entrance to the Sitka National Cemetery, go for a walk among the tombstones up to the flagpole, have a seat, and have a chat. i’ll identify myself by my DD Form 2, the ID card for US military retirees. You can ID Yourself with a picture of Your hero’s Deferments. Or, his tax returns will do, as well… .

    [ps: Having unsubscribed, i’m not sure why i got this Commentary thru the e~; but i did and felt impelled to comment on it. i take this whole issue very, Very personally.]

  2. Pragmatic Progressive September 5, 2020 10:01 am

    As the daughter of a WWII vet, I find what Trump said very offensive.

  3. Former Republican September 5, 2020 10:04 am

    Trump is absolutely incorrect. Trump is unpatriotic and a coward.

  4. Pragmatic Progressive September 5, 2020 10:14 am

    As the daughter of a WWII vet, I find what the troll said also very offensive.

  5. Princess Leia September 5, 2020 10:29 am

    Only one who is a “sucker” and “loser” is Trump! He’s a deplorable, despicable, horrible monster! Kick him out, folks! Vote Blue!

  6. Southern Liberal September 5, 2020 10:37 am

    I guarantee you that Trump feels that way about people who died from Covid as well.

  7. Former Republican September 5, 2020 10:46 am

    Lincoln Project’s new ad in response to this –

  8. Southern Liberal September 5, 2020 10:53 am

    All across social media, the anger is bubbling up in military families about this. Hope this is the final nail in Trump’s political coffin.

  9. Rational Lefty September 5, 2020 10:54 am

    During the 2016 campaign, Trump mocked a reporter with a disability, so he must hate injured vets as well.

  10. Princess Leia September 5, 2020 11:05 am

    The rest of us second that hope, Southern Liberal.

  11. Jeffrey G Moebus September 5, 2020 5:39 pm

    So, Pragmatic Progressive ~ as the daughter of a WWII vet ~ would You care to distinguish between why You found what Trump said was so “very offensive,” and what You found that the troll said to be so also? Is the “offensiveness” different in any way? Or is it just plain good ole “offensiveness,” no definition needed?

    Well, PragProg; here’s what the troll finds very offensive, in case You’re interested; and “For What’s It’s Worth” [as Buffalo Springfield put it].:

    What the troll ~ on behalf of every American Soldier, Sailor, Marine, AirWoman and Man, and Coast GuardMan and Woman who has been physically killed, or physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and/or spiritually maimed over these past 19 years ~ is very offended by is as follows.

    1. The troll is deeply offended by People exactly like You, Your cohorts, and operator of this Blog who All Of A Sudden give a fat, flying, flinker’s damn about our Military dead, walking dead, and those who wished they were dead, just because You think it will get Your Boy and Girl votes in November.

    2. The troll ~ on behalf of those same “losers” and “suckers,” all those American GIs Y’All are suddenly so concerned about who either lost their Lives or their Future ~ is deeply offended by the fact that for NINETEEN YEARS, the American Left ~ from “progressives” to corporatist neolib/con “liberals” [aka the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Harris, etc, et al, ad nauseum] ~ The American Left has done absolutely NOTHING to stop The Forever War. Or even try.

    And now, just because some reporter reports that some “unidentified [but, trust us, reliable] source” reports something Trump was alleged to have said disparagingly about dead GIs ~ and this looks like a great way to get votes in November ~ all of a sudden, The Left is all awash with outrage and love for out nation’s Fallen and/or Crippled Warriors. Folks that ~ until this moment ~ The Left has had nothing but absolute, disparaging contempt or, at best, negatively-charged indifference for. Dating all the way back to Viet Nam.

    The so-called American anti-war/”peace” movement has been completely and totally moribundly silent since 9/11 [with the exception of one, single, solitary weekend in 2003 pretending to object to the proposed, planned, programmed “liberation” of Iraq].

    And hence “The Forever War” is as much the responsibility of America’s Left [form Swampland down to the anti-Fas] as it is the Right [from the White House up to the so-called “Deep State.”].

    3. In conclusion and summation, the best way to express how deeply offended The Troll ~ on behalf of all those Dead, Maimed, Dying, Forgotten Losers and Suckers ~ is, is to refer to the French Sentinel addressing King Arthur in Python’s Holy Grail: “I fart in Your general direction.”

  12. Ronald September 5, 2020 5:51 pm

    Jeffrey, I thought you were no longer going to comment or read what is on this blog!

    I can tell you all of us who comment on this blog, and those who read it and do not comment, were very pleased by your decision, but now you are spewing your usual hatred and propaganda instead of following your own pledge to leave this blog!

    I am being attacked by you, while I permitted you to show how messed up psychologically you are, which shows being “tolerant” can have its limits!

    So do us a favor and spend your time elsewhere, and stop demonstrating your craziness to my loyal readers, and that would be much appreciated!

    Thank you! 🙁

  13. Jeffrey G Moebus September 5, 2020 6:43 pm

    Like i said, Ronald: The only reason i broke my pledge was because of the total hypocrisy shown by You and Your legions of “loyal readers,” and the worldview, mindset, and real world orientation that “This’ll get us votes,” and particularly, Y’All’s sudden concerned, caring, and auto-defined as compassionate, outraged attitude about KIAs, MIAs, and WIAs [that’s Killed/Missing [presumed Dead]/Wounded In Action].

    For nineteen years [just for starters], Ronald, this Nation and Planet have been buried under the avalanche of Y’All’s hypocrisy [ does “Support Our Troops” ring a bell?], and consequent uselessness [“ineffectiveness” is simply too forgiving a term].

    Tell You what, Doc: As long as You keep Your ~ and the whole Left’s ~ hypocritical BS about actually really giving a f[expletive deleted] about America’s War Dead, Wounded, and Survivors to a minimum, i promise that i will ignore You.

    And pay off the bet about the Election when it doesn’t happen.

  14. Pragmatic Progressive September 5, 2020 8:15 pm

    The reason why I’m angered at you is because you agreed with Trump that soldiers are “losers” and “suckers”! They absolutely ARE NOT! Keep your promise and get lost from here!

  15. Former Republican September 5, 2020 11:07 pm

    The Professor, nor the rest of us, are spewing any hypocritical BS around here.

    And, if you’re going to leave, then leave.

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