Atlantic Monthly

The Revelations About Trump And The Military Seem Likely To Be “The September Surprise”, Which Will Decide The Election!

There is a growing feeling that the revelations about Donald Trump calling those in the military “Losers” and “Suckers”, who have sacrificed their lives or been seriously wounded affecting their remaining lives forever, will be the decisive factor in the Presidential Election of 2020.

If this occurs, we may call the revelation of The Atlantic Magazine the “September Surprise”, rather than the traditional belief and often reality of an “October Surprise” that determines the final result of the election.

Many retired military, and many military families whose members are endangering their lives daily, have already expressed total shock and disbelief that their Commander in Chief has so little regard for the troops, and those in military cemeteries.

The fact that Donald Trump evaded the draft on the basis of “bone spurs”, signed off by a doctor who knew Trump’s father and had an apartment rent covered by the father for the favor of writing a draft deferment letter for his son, enrages many people, whether connected to the military or not.

The lack of respect and honor by Trump, who has made a big deal over those who bend their knee for the Star Spangled Banner, and constantly has invoked false military themes, is a moment of reckoning for many people who may not have been irritated by other issues and matters, but are so by this reality.

Vice President Joe Biden At His Most Charming And Genuine At Senate Swearing In Ceremonies!

There is only one Joe Biden, our Vice President, who is the most genuine and sincere politician on the scene today!

Biden is criticized for his flubs and gaffes, but while no one is perfect, his flubs and gaffes are harmless, and at most, may invoke laughter and embarrassment over the Vice President’s sometimes, slightly inappropriate, comments!

Biden put on quite a show as he went through mock swearing in of Senators yesterday, on opening day of the new 113th Congress. He got to meet the Senators’s wives, children, grandchildren, mothers, cousins, etc, and he was absolutely charming, charismatic, and funny, drawing laughter and smiles from both Democratic and Republican Senators and their family members.

He was flattering to mothers of the Senators; attentive to young children of the Senators; able to relate to teenage and older children of the Senators; and left an overall good feeling to all who gathered for the ceremonies, and caused much laughter and chuckles for those observing the events live on C Span.

Biden is always entertaining, but at the same time, one realizes how brilliant a mind he has; how talented a speaker he is; how effective he is in getting things done for President Barack Obama; how much expertise he has on such a wide variety of subjects; and how he knows how to bridge gaps between differing sides and viewpoints.

He is a tremendous asset to Obama, and as the Atlantic Monthly Magazine and National Journal have declared, there is a case for stating that Barack Obama is the most active, involved, and influential Vice President in American history—more than Richard Nixon under Dwight D. Eisenhower; more than Nelson Rockefeller under Gerald Ford; more than Walter Mondale under Jimmy Carter; more than George H. W. Bush under Ronald Reagan; more than Al Gore under Bill Clinton; and more than Dick Cheney under George W. Bush!

We could do far worse than Joe Biden to be the 45th President of the United States, by election in 2016! Imagine 44 years of service to his country being brought to the forefront as qualifications for the nation’s highest office!