Carbon Dioxide

Donald Trump Declares War On Science, The Environment, And Climate Change That Endangers America And The World

Donald Trump has declared war on science, the environment, and climate change that endangers America and the world.

Coming upon the environmental legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Barack Obama, the six leading environmental Presidents–two Republicans and four Democrats—it insures that Donald Trump will go down as the worst environmental President, surpassing Ronald Reagan.

Trump has shown his total ignorance of science, and has shown a mean streak as he wishes to destroy everything his predecessor did in office, a situation that has never been quite like this before in our history.

Trump is stupid enough to believe there is “clean coal” when there is no such thing, and to believe coal mining has a long term future, when very few jobs will be created or kept, as robots are being used more than ever in coal mining that does exist, as it is just about the most dangerous and dirty job that any human being has ever faced.

Considering the large loss of life in coal mining over the decades and centuries, no one should wish that their children follow them into that field of work.

And putting more carbon into the air in the form of carbon dioxide through burning of coal pollutes our air, as well as our water supply and soil, and it is absolute poison short term and long term.

Making believe climate change is a hoax is a sell out to right wing groups who do not care about the long term future of this planet, as the almighty dollar, materialism and greed, reign in Trump’s America.

The good thing is that law suits will make it a long drawn out situation, and hopefully the damage being done by Trump’s executive order will not be as great as it seems at the moment.

But Donald Trump insures a low ranking in history by his greed, selfishness, egotism, and willingness to sell out his country and its citizens for cheap political gain based on fiction about the environment, not facts.

The Historic Dust Storm Of 1934, And The Heat Trapping Gas Milestone Just Reached: An Environmental Crisis Has Begun!

79 years ago, the historic dust storm that swept across the Great Plains all the way east, marking the Dust Bowl beginnings that plagued the middle of the nation during the 1930s, occurred, and it is ironic that on this horrible anniversary, it has now been revealed that the heat trapping gas level that last existed three million years ago, has reoccurred!

We are now in the midst of a massive environmental crisis worldwide, and yet, our government has to fight the science and environmental deniers, including moronic Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who would rather threaten impeachment of President Obama than deal with the reality of the need to do something about the damage being done by our industries and mankind in general, to the future of human existence!

The carbon dioxide level is 41 percent higher since the Industrial Revolution. an alarming development. Of course, the US cannot solve the issue alone, and needs the backing of other nations, including China, but IF we are unwilling to do anything as the number one power in the world, then the future is gloomy indeed for the long range!

The Extreme Radicalism And Looniness Of Michele Bachmann: A Real Threat To America’s Future!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann gained a lot of attention by her performance in the Republican New Hampshire debate last Monday.

Many people are starting to notice her, and many social conservatives are ecstatic about her, and think she might have a shot at the GOP Presidential nomination.

Before we go any further along the road to President Michele Bachmann, let’s look at her record of statements and actions!

1. She said in 2004 that the LION KING was promoting gay propaganda. She is extremely anti gay, despite the fact of having gay relatives.
2. She claimed that many jobs would be created if the minimum wage was abolished, something that clearly is preposterous.
3. She asserted that “intelligent design” was supported by Nobel Prize winning scientists, a total falsehood.
4. She stated that carbon dioxide is not a dangerous gas, while it is well known that in large amounts, it is causing climate change.
5. She accused Democrats in Congress of being anti American and called for an investigation of their backgrounds, a new McCarthyism.
6. She advocated that her constituents refuse to fill out the 2010 Census, until she realized that if that was done in her Congressional district, she would lose her seat, as her constituents would not be counted as part of the population.
7. She has stated the belief that talk show host Glenn Beck could solve the issue of the national debt.

Is anything else necessary to say about Michele Bachmann?

She is crazy, loony, against anything that would improve the lives of the middle class or poor people, an ally of the corporations and the religious right, a mean spirited bigot whose attractive looks belie the truth: She would be a total disaster for America’s future!