Arnold Schwarzenegger

Immigration Turned California From “Red” To “Blue” State, And Is Now Doing It To Nation, Destroying Republican Party’s National Future!

In 1994, California Republican Governor Pete Wilson promoted the passage of Proposition 187, to bar any services to undocumented or illegal immigrants, including education, health care and other social services in the Golden State.

It passed, but divided the state, and ultimately, was declared unconstitutional in 1998, and was never put into effect, but its long term effect was to destroy the Republican Party in California, with the only statewide office holder since then being Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself a celebrity and an immigrant as Governor.

The Republican Party has been decimated in the state legislature and in Congress, and the state has been steadily “Blue” in Presidential elections ever since, even though the state had had a long history of conservative Republicans in office, headed by Ronald Reagan, but including others before and after his time as Governor of the state.

So the Democrats have a great edge in national elections, with the automatic 55 electoral votes of California insuring a Democratic advantage for the Presidency.

But the Republican Party nationally has not learned from this, and instead has alienated both Hispanic and Latino Americans, and also Asian Americans, and in the last election, both groups have gone Democratic with more than 70 percent support, and probably higher in this next Presidential election.

There is a very good chance that North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Arizona, and even eventually, Texas, will go “Blue” either this year or certainly by 2020 or 2024, and when that happens, the Republican Party nationally is doomed in its efforts to win the White House for the long term.

So Donald Trump’s nativism is the disaster equivalent to what Pete Wilson did a generation ago to the largest state in the Union.

The old saying is: “As California goes, so goes the nation!” Nothing more true can be said!

Jerry Brown’s Fourth Presidential Campaign Coming In 2016?

California Governor Jerry Brown is one of the most fascinating figures in American politics.

Always a bit different than other politicians, and often seen in his younger days as “flaky”, Brown is now 76 years old, and will begin his fourth term as governor of the largest state in the Union, California, next month.

Brown became noticed nationally precisely forty years ago when he succeeded Ronald Reagan, who had defeated Brown’s dad, Pat Brown, who had served two terms as Governor, before Reagan’s two terms.

Brown was 36 years old when he began his first term as Governor. Now he is 76 years old, and has proved to be a true survivor over four decades of American history.

After leaving the California Governorship at the end of 1982, and having lost a race for the US Senate, Brown ended up in public office again as Mayor of Oakland, and State Attorney General, before deciding to run again for Governor in 2010, 28 years after his having left that office.

Brown came into a state reeling from economic disaster under previous Governor Gray Davis, who was removed from office in a recall election in 2003, but his successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had little more luck on the economy.

But now, the California economy is flourishing by comparison, with the budget deficit overcome by tax increases and some budget cuts.

So there are observers who think Brown might just announce his fourth Presidential candidacy, having challenged ultimate nominee Jimmy Carter in 1976; President Carter in 1980; and ultimate nominee Bill Clinton in 1992.

And the thought that Brown might challenge Hillary Clinton, 24 years after challenging her husband, is, in itself, a fascinating story.

Is there any chance that Jerry Brown, 40 years after first trying for the Presidency, could actually be elected the 45th President?

The odds would be astronomical, but considering that we had a failed candidate (Richard Nixon) come back in 1968; an obscure peanut farmer from Georgia (Jimmy Carter) win in 1976; a losing Presidential contender nearly 70 (Ronald Reagan) come back to win in 1980; a candidate who had a sex scandal erupt during the battle for the nomination in 1992 (Bill Clinton), but overcome it to win: and an mixed race first term US Senator with an unusual name (Barack Obama) win in 2008; who can say this could not happen?

The Turnaround In California: Liberalism at Work Under Jerry Brown!

Just a couple of years ago, California was called the classic example of the failure of liberalism, and conservatives and Republicans denounced the largest state as a total disaster financially, which it had been under Arnold Schwarzenegger, and also a victim of the Great Recession.

But now, under Governor Jerry Brown, California has had a renaissance, seeing a massive debt become a massive surplus, with liberal ideas, including higher taxes, and more regulations, and it has become a model of a “blue” state.

Not bad for a governor who was in office from 1975-1983, and then came back 28 years later, and is now seen as a hero and a genius, in regards to improving the future of California.

Understand that this author is not saying that California has no problems or issues, but it has seen an amazing turnaround, at a time when “red” states are in worse shape than “blue” states in all kinds of statistics.

It is not time to say that liberalism and the Democratic Party are dead, and we will see a revival of the story in California elsewhere, as soon as the citizenry realizes that they have been bamboozled big time.

Even the state of Kentucky proves this, where monstrous Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul rail against ObamaCare, but the Democratic Governor, Steve Beshear, has made ObamaCare a great success story, and is a hero!

Government is NOT evil, and it is time for voters to throw out the right wing extremists and return America to optimism and belief in the future!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, John Edwards, And Mitt Romney: Lies, Dishonesty, Narcissism Repudiated By The American People!

Good news is occurring, as American society turns against dishonest, lying, deceiving public figures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California Governor, who had a child with his maid while having a child with his devoted wife, Maria Shriver, and says he is imperfect and takes no responsibility for his reprehensible behavior, goes on a book tour with his autobiography which brags about his exploits, and embarrasses his former wife and children, and the book is a total disaster, hardly selling at all, well deserved!

Lance Armstrong, who lied and deceived about his use of steroids, and won seven Tour De France races based on the illegal use of such chemicals, is stripped of his medals, and now has lost millions of dollars of endorsements, well deserved!

Another person, now in the dustbin of history, the same personality traits as Schwarzenegger and Armstrong, is former Senator and Presidential contender John Edwards, who also pursued a Presidential campaign while his wife was sick with cancer, and also cheated on her and had a baby out of wedlock, and his name is now “mud”!

And in 17 days, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a control freak and narcissistic personality, who is setting a record for lies and deception, and putting his wife, Anne Romney though hell, when he should be staying home and taking care of her suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, rather than his mad dash for power without principle, will face the judgment of the American people on his misbehavior!

These people, including Romney, deserve our repudiation in every way possible, and three of the four have already faced that rejection, and Romney will be added to that list in November! Goodbye, Mitt, and good riddance!

Sargent Shriver, A Truly Great Man And Magnificent Public Servant, Dies At Age 95!

Sargent Shriver, the brother in law of President John F. Kennedy, passed away this afternoon at age 95, after years of being a victim of Alzheimers Disease.

Shriver served as the first head of the Peace Corps under President Kennedy; as the leader of the War on Poverty under President Lyndon B. Johnson; as Ambassador to France under President Johnson and President Richard Nixon; and as the Democratic Vice Presidential running mate of Senator George McGovern in the Presidential campaign of 1972.

He was also the father of Maria Shriver, who was a news person on NBC and MSNBC for many years, and the father in law of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shriver was well respected and much admired across the country, and he will be much missed, as he was the model of a great public servant. We have suffered a loss that cannot be measured, and he cannot be truly replaced!

Congressman Darrell Issa: Publicity Seeker And Witch Hunter! :(

Congressman Darrell Issa of California is about to become Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and that means he will be in the news on a daily basis, as he seeks to promote an agenda.

And what is that agenda? It is to prove what he believes: that the Obama Administration is the most corrupt administration we have had in a long time!

On the Rush Limbaugh radio show in October, Issa went so far as to say that Barack Obama was the most corrupt President of modern times, but has now changed it to say it is not him, but his administration, without clarifying what the difference is, or to explain what he means!

But then, is it necessary to have facts, or is it not just enough to throw around charges and accusations, and make the front pages of the news, and prevent the administration from trying to deal with real problems, by having to deal with constant subpoenas for material, and appearances by officials at constant hearings? πŸ™

Is Darrell Issa anything more than a publicity seeker and witch hunter, in many ways similar to Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, who claimed Communists in every bed and under every bed and everywhere else? πŸ™

It might be interesting to investigate Darrell Issa himself, who never saw any problems during the Bush Administration, and happens to be the wealthiest member of Congress, and is only surpassed in personal wealth by one politician in America–Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City!

This is also the man who led the movement to “recall” Governor Gray Davis of California only months after he won a solid re-election victory in 2002, leading to the special “recall” election which made Arnold Schwarzenegger Governor, after Issa came to the conclusion that he was unable to compete in that race itself! πŸ™

Is Darrell Issa the savior of America, when he fails to realize that the Nixon, Reagan, and second Bush Administrations had plenty of scandal, which he conveniently forgets, while he throws around wild accusations against Barack Obama and his administration? πŸ™

What it comes down to is that Darrell Issa is a nightmare for the country, and will contribute nothing positive to deal with the many problems the nation faces in the next two years! πŸ™

Charlie Crist Endorsed By Arnold Schwarzenegger And Robert F. Kennedy, Jr!

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has just been endorsed by Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, and also by the environmental lawyer and son of Senator Robert Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.!

Crist is still ahead of Kendrick Meek, the Miami Congressman who is the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat, in the polls, but Republican and Tea Party nominee Marco Rubio is far ahead at this point in the polls! πŸ™

There are rumors that Meek may drop out, although he denies it, but as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said, if the moderate to progressive vote remains split, there is almost no chance to stop the ascent of Rubio, a strong right winger, to the Senate, and who knows, maybe into the Presidential race at some point! πŸ™

So, although many Democrats would prefer to stay loyal to Meek, reality makes it likely that Crist will start to gain more Democratic support, and that Meek should consider the concept of withdrawing, in order to stop Rubio!

While one cannot be sure, it seems likely that a Senator Charlie Crist would ally with the Democrats, while remaining an Independent, as Joe Lieberman and Bernie Sanders have done!

Progressives can only hope for the best, and should have faith in Charlie Crist doing what he honestly believes is best for the state of Florida, if he is sent to the US Senate!

The California Of Jerry Brown, 1974 and 2010!

Imagine yourself in a time capsule, going back to 1974 and examining the race for California Governor, and then fast forwarding it to 2010!

What would you discover? A state government official, Jerry Brown, son of former Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, is running for Governor! πŸ™‚

In 1974, Jerry Brown was Secretary of State for the state, and in 2010, he is the Attorney General!

In 1974, Jerry Brown is running to succeed a former actor, Ronald Reagan, who had served two terms as a Republican Governor! In 2010, Jerry Brown is running to succeed a former actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had served almost two complete terms (minus nine months) as a Republican Governor!

In 1974, Jerry Brown ran for Governor at the young age of 36, while in 2010, he ran for Governor at the advanced age of 72, exactly double in age!

In 1974, California was affected by a major recession under President Gerald Ford but originally occurring under President Richard Nixon, with nine percent unemployment, while in 2010, California was harmed by the Great Recession under President Barack Obama, who inherited it from President George W. Bush, with a 12.4 percent unemployment rate!

In 1974, California had a half billion dollar surplus in its state budget, while in 2010, it accomplished a balanced budget only after budget cuts of $19 billion!

In 1974, the population of California was just over 21 million people, while in 2010, it is at 37 million people!

In 1974, Brown was described as a “flaky” bachelor, but in 2005, he finally married, but is still regarded by many as “flaky” in personality. πŸ™‚ He went on after eight years as Governor of the largest state, to become Mayor of Oakland and California Attorney General!

Brown also sought the Presidency three times, in 1976, 1980, and 1992, and alienated future Democratic Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton!

Even now, at age 72, and with a Democratic President in the White House, Brown has been asked if he would run for President again! πŸ™‚ He deflected the question, but some might wonder if he would consider it, since we have had a former California Governor who served as President in his 70s (Ronald Reagan), and being Governor of California puts Presidential disease into your veins (Arnold Schwarzenegger wished there would be an amendment to the Constitution that would allow foreign born nationals eligibility to run for President)! πŸ™‚

So California has changed, or has it? πŸ™‚

A final thought: Jerry Brown won in 1974 by a small margin, and many think it will be that close against Meg Whitman, the GOP nominee and former Ebay CEO,who has spent more than $120 million of her personal fortune! So the more time passes, the more it remains much the same! πŸ™‚

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jerry Brown Call For Gay Marriages To Resume In California NOW!

Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democratic candidate for Governor Jerry Brown (also a former Governor and present Attorney General) of California have called upon the federal district judge who declared Proposition 8 unconstitutional to allow the restart of gay marriage in the state!

The argument is that if the judge believes gay men and women are being denied equality under the law as guaranteed by the 14th Amendment, then there should be no delay in resuming gay marriage, leaving it up to the higher federal courts to later ban it, if that were to happen!

The call by Schwarzenegger and Brown will likely push faster action by the circuit courts, and will probably lead to the Proposition 8 matter reaching the Supreme Court level much sooner, possibly in the new term of the Court due to begin in October and go through June of 2011!

It is hard to imagine that the Supreme Court will be able to evade this controversial subject, or refuse to consider it, so it seems very probable that the year 2011 will be a path breaking year on gay rights, not only in regard to gay marriage, but also the soon to be ended “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy affecting the military!

Jerry Brown: A Blast From The Past!

This is the year 2010, and guess what? Jerry Brown is running for Governor of California, as he did successfully in 1974 and 1978!

This is the same Jerry Brown, who also ran for President in 1976, 1980 and 1992!

This is the same Jerry Brown, who angered two Democratic Presidents who he challenged–Jimmy Carter twice and Bill Clinton once!

This is the same Jerry Brown who was Governor when he was the young age of 35 and is now 71!

Jerry Brown came across in the past as often kooky and weird, but yet he was elected Mayor of Oakland and state Attorney General by the voters!

When he was first elected, America was in the midst of a recession, and he comes back now in the midst of the Great Recession!

This is a man often ridiculed, but always willing to stick his neck out and challenge establishment thinking!

Brown has never worried about what people think of him, and once might think that he would be an underdog in this Governorship race, but in actual fact, he is the man to beat, and to put betting money on his defeat would be unwise!

Jerry Brown is a blast from the past, who is ready to take on the challenge of running the eighth largest economy in the world, and to deal with the greatest budget crisis any state has ever had!

Following Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The Terminator”, as Governor will be a challenge, but don’t be surprised that he might outshine the incumbent in gaining public backing and legislative cooperation!

While California has always been considered the sign of the future America, it may very well be that going back to the past and picking a man who was governor 28-36 years ago to be its chief executive again might be the best answer for the future!