Pat Brown

Jerry Brown’s Fourth Presidential Campaign Coming In 2016?

California Governor Jerry Brown is one of the most fascinating figures in American politics.

Always a bit different than other politicians, and often seen in his younger days as “flaky”, Brown is now 76 years old, and will begin his fourth term as governor of the largest state in the Union, California, next month.

Brown became noticed nationally precisely forty years ago when he succeeded Ronald Reagan, who had defeated Brown’s dad, Pat Brown, who had served two terms as Governor, before Reagan’s two terms.

Brown was 36 years old when he began his first term as Governor. Now he is 76 years old, and has proved to be a true survivor over four decades of American history.

After leaving the California Governorship at the end of 1982, and having lost a race for the US Senate, Brown ended up in public office again as Mayor of Oakland, and State Attorney General, before deciding to run again for Governor in 2010, 28 years after his having left that office.

Brown came into a state reeling from economic disaster under previous Governor Gray Davis, who was removed from office in a recall election in 2003, but his successor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, had little more luck on the economy.

But now, the California economy is flourishing by comparison, with the budget deficit overcome by tax increases and some budget cuts.

So there are observers who think Brown might just announce his fourth Presidential candidacy, having challenged ultimate nominee Jimmy Carter in 1976; President Carter in 1980; and ultimate nominee Bill Clinton in 1992.

And the thought that Brown might challenge Hillary Clinton, 24 years after challenging her husband, is, in itself, a fascinating story.

Is there any chance that Jerry Brown, 40 years after first trying for the Presidency, could actually be elected the 45th President?

The odds would be astronomical, but considering that we had a failed candidate (Richard Nixon) come back in 1968; an obscure peanut farmer from Georgia (Jimmy Carter) win in 1976; a losing Presidential contender nearly 70 (Ronald Reagan) come back to win in 1980; a candidate who had a sex scandal erupt during the battle for the nomination in 1992 (Bill Clinton), but overcome it to win: and an mixed race first term US Senator with an unusual name (Barack Obama) win in 2008; who can say this could not happen?

“Back To The Future”!: California Governor Jerry Brown!

The return to the Governorship of California for Jerry Brown after 28 years is quite an amazing “resurrection”! 🙂

The son of Governor Edmund (Pat) Brown who served two terms as Governor from 1959-1967,and beat Richard Nixon in 1962 and lost to Ronald Reagan in 1966, Jerry succeeded Reagan as Governor, serving two terms from 1975-1983!

The youngest Governor in California history at age 35, Jerry Brown also ran for President in 1976 and 1980, making Jimmy Carter one of a long list of “enemies” of the overly ambitious California Governor!

Later, Jerry Brown surfaced as Mayor of Oakland and state Attorney General before deciding to run for Governor again this year, and by winning over Meg Whitman, former CEO of Ebay, becoming the oldest Governor in the history of the state!

He also ran for President again in 1992, making Bill Clinton an enemy, although to Clinton’s credit, the two men made up and Clinton campaigned for Brown this fall.

So it does indeed feel like the movie of 1985 with Michael J. Fox–“Back to the Future”! LOL

Brown has a major challenge, of course, leading a state with the seventh largest economy, in the midst of one of the highest unemployment rates and foreclosure rates in the nation, and the state will need all the skills Brown has to deal with this major crisis, one of the worst, if not the worst, in the history of the Golden State!