Lance Armstrong

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, John Edwards, And Mitt Romney: Lies, Dishonesty, Narcissism Repudiated By The American People!

Good news is occurring, as American society turns against dishonest, lying, deceiving public figures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California Governor, who had a child with his maid while having a child with his devoted wife, Maria Shriver, and says he is imperfect and takes no responsibility for his reprehensible behavior, goes on a book tour with his autobiography which brags about his exploits, and embarrasses his former wife and children, and the book is a total disaster, hardly selling at all, well deserved!

Lance Armstrong, who lied and deceived about his use of steroids, and won seven Tour De France races based on the illegal use of such chemicals, is stripped of his medals, and now has lost millions of dollars of endorsements, well deserved!

Another person, now in the dustbin of history, the same personality traits as Schwarzenegger and Armstrong, is former Senator and Presidential contender John Edwards, who also pursued a Presidential campaign while his wife was sick with cancer, and also cheated on her and had a baby out of wedlock, and his name is now “mud”!

And in 17 days, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a control freak and narcissistic personality, who is setting a record for lies and deception, and putting his wife, Anne Romney though hell, when he should be staying home and taking care of her suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, rather than his mad dash for power without principle, will face the judgment of the American people on his misbehavior!

These people, including Romney, deserve our repudiation in every way possible, and three of the four have already faced that rejection, and Romney will be added to that list in November! Goodbye, Mitt, and good riddance!