Who Is “Moderate” In Republican Party In US Senate After Defeat Of Richard Lugar?

It has been said for a number of years now that “moderates” are an “endangered species” in the Republican Party in the US Senate.

Without knowing what new members will join the US Senate in the upcoming elections of 2012, of those now in the Senate, who could be considered “moderate” in any sense?

Senator Susan Collins of Maine
Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts
Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska
Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois
Senator Rob Portman of Ohio
Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee
Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee

What is this list based upon?

Voting records of these US Senators
Comments and Statements made on issues
Talk by these Senators about Bi-partisanship.

It should be made clear that this is based on the author’s own judgment, and is in a ranked order, from MOST moderate and cooperative and bi-partisan to LEAST moderate.

Overall, the concept of “moderate” Republicans is dying more every day, and particularly now with the voluntary retirement of Olympia Snowe of Maine and the forced retirement of Richard Lugar of Indiana!