Women US Senators

Thirteen Of Fourteen Democratic Women Senators To Endorse Hillary Clinton, But Not Elizabeth Warren!

There are 20 women in the US Senate, with 14 of them being Democrats, and 6 being Republicans.

News has emerged that 13 of the 14 women Democratic Senators are about to endorse Hillary Clinton for President.

The exception is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren is seen as much more to the left on many issues than Hillary Clinton, really much closer in views and attitudes to Independent Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who is also running for President, but not gaining any significant support from fellow Senators.

The question is whether Warren will endorse Sanders, who is still seen as a long shot for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Warren is keeping her options open, but at the end, she will endorse Hillary when it is clear that Sanders cannot win the nomination.

Until then, Warren is effectively making Hillary Clinton squirm!

Women In Congress And State Governorships

With the celebration of Women’s Equality Day yesterday, it is worth attention to point out statistics on women office holders in the history of America.

There have been 298 women House members, starting with Jeanette Rankin of Montana in 1917. There are 82 women House members in the present, with 62 Democrats and 20 Republicans.

There have been 44 women Senators, starting with Hattie Caraway of Arkansas in 1931, after Rebecca Felton of Georgia served for just one day in 1922. Twenty women serve as Senator in the present, 16 Democrats and 4 Republicans.

There have been 36 woman Governors, starting with Nellie Tayloe Ross of Wyoming in 1927. Five women serve as Governor in the present, four Republicans and one Democrat.

Every state has elected women to the House of Representatives except Iowa, Mississippi, Delaware, Vermont, Alaska, and North Dakota, but the last two states have elected women to the US Senate.