US Secret Service Scandal

The Secret Service Reputation Lies In Tatters With Revelation Of Deleted January 6 Evidence!

The Secret Service, founded in 1865, to track counterfeit money, became the security agency for the President of the United States in 1902, upon the assassination of President William McKinley on September 14, 1901.

It gained a reputation as an excellent agency with the highest standards, protecting every President since Theodore Roosevelt, as well the Vice Presidents, their families, and other top government officials over the years.

They were thought of as reliable, professional, and incorruptible, but in recent years, we have learned about their shortcomings and foibles.

Now, the agency’s reputation lies in tatters, with the revelation of deleted January 6, 2021 evidence at the time of the US Capitol Insurrection.

There is clearly a coverup of the interaction of the Secret Service in the protection of the Vice President, Mike Pence, on that fateful day, when he faced great danger from the mob incited by President Donald Trump.

It is clear that the agency was politicized with so called Trump “loyalists” willing to serve the evil intentions of Donald Trump.

So there is an investigation occurring, which will lead to prosecutions of agents who have not done their jobs in a proper fashion, and reform of the agency is urgent for public confidence to be restored!

Secret Service Has Been Compromised Before, And Now Seems Likely Once Again!

The US Secret Service has gone through difficult times, with corruption, incompetence, and scandal in recent years.

Also, the US Secret Service has, by observation of Carol Leonnig of the Washington Post in her book, “Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service”, published in 2021, developed a special loyalty among some of its agents to Donald Trump.

As a result, the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, regarding what she was told by two agents with Trump on January 6, 2021, is being challenged. But Leonnig this morning has claimed that Tony Ornato and Bobby Engel are Trump loyalists, and are willing to lie over what happened.

The indications are strong that these agents told her what she said, that Trump lunged at the driver of the SUV, trying to force the Secret Service to take him to the US Capitol to lead the attack on Congress, as there is no reason for her to make that up, but is simply reporting what she was told.

No Secret Service agent should feel such personal loyalty that they compromise the truth.

If this is simply male braggadocio, that requires higher level appropriate action, and if they lie under oath to cover up, they should face prosecution!

So What Else Is New? Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions Blames Barack Obama For Secret Service Sex Scandal!

The Republican Party in Congress and conservative talk radio and Fox News Channel have proved again and again that they have no limit to their indecency!

It is automatic to blame President Barack Obama for EVERYTHING, including situations that he has no involvement in at all!

So now, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has blamed the President for the Secret Service sex scandal!

In other words, Obama is supposed to keep track of the movements of all Secret Service agents on and off the job, heh?

The Secret Service is there to protect him, not for him to check on their movements and activities!

What should Barack Obama have done, on top of the “Zillions” of other issues and problems and personnel that he is expected to deal with?

This criticism is totally preposterous, and just demonstrates ever more that there is no limit, no decency, no dignity, on the part of opposition politicians and media!

While they are at it, why not blame Barack Obama for “original sin”, blame him for Adam and Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden? Why not blame him for everything that went wrong under George W. Bush and the Republican Congresses?

Oh wait, they already do that, don’t they, acting as if everything wrong began out of the blue, on January 20, 2009!