Thomas Dewey

The Growing Arrogance, Cockiness, And Delusional Nature Of Mitt Romney!

Despite the fact that all of the polls show a widening lead for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee has demonstrated a belief that he has nothing to worry about regarding the election.

Dismissing Republican and conservative criticism, Romney says he does not need to change his staff and advisers, or change strategy in any form, as he knows he is going to win the Presidency six weeks from now!

Despite his many gaffes, and his statement about the “47 percent”, and his manipulated 2011 tax return, Romney is being extremely arrogant and cocky, and showing signs of delusion of grandeur!

This man is so accustomed to getting what he wants, and having everyone serve him, that he cannot comprehend reality, and is clueless to the fact that he is antagonizing women, Hispanics and Latinos, senior citizens, young people, and even white working class people in the Midwest, who are angry over his willingness to abandon the auto industry in 2008-2009, while Barack Obama saved this important industry and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that, had they not been saved, unemployment would be so much higher today!

Some would argue that white working class men, in particular, might not be thrilled about voting for an African American President, but are more irritated that a rich white guy, such as Mitt Romney, who has no conception of what their lives are like, was ready to abandon the Midwest to depression conditions!

So, as stated recently, Romney looks more than ever like Thomas Dewey, the GOP Presidential nominee in 1948, who thought he was going to defeat President Harry Truman.

However, the difference is that the polls showed Dewey constantly in the lead until the election, so it is understandable that Dewey might have that delusion.

Romney has not been ahead, and is falling further behind, a totally different circumstance, so Romney may very well need a mental examination as to his sanity, if he can be so overly confident that he is going to win!

Either that, or Romney is lying to us and himself, something he has been doing ever since he first decided to run for President in 2007!

Similarities Between Mitt Romney And Thomas Dewey—2012 And 1948

In 1948, the Republican Party had as its Presidential candidate a man from Michigan, who had become Governor of New York, had been the nominee against Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944, and was able to defeat more conservative choices within the GOP.

Dewey was a stiff, awkward, uninspiring candidate for President, who came across as distant, and not caring about the average American. He ran a relaxed campaign for President, due to the fact that polls showed him far ahead of incumbent Democratic President Harry Truman, who had been lambasted as ineffective and a poor successor to FDR.

Dewey, with his aloofness and refusal to be specific on any policies in domestic and foreign affairs, ended up the loser, as Truman came across as genuine and caring about the average American.

Now we have a Republican nominee from Michigan, who was a one term Governor of Massachusetts, lost his first attempt at the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008, but was able to overcome more conservative rivals in 2012, but had many doubting his credentials as a true conservative. He had the advantage in the fact that the economy, while improved from what it was four years ago, still was in recovery mode, a situation that should have favored him.

But instead his aloofness, his stiffness, his awkwardness, his inability to inspire, his image of being far less than genuine, his lack of specifics on domestic and foreign policy, and his image of seeming lack of concern for ordinary people, put him in a defensive position.

And in the midst of all these disadvantages, the candidate spent weeks with very few public events and rallies, what could be called a relaxed campaign, instead out raising money, trying to use the fact of more money to win the election, but at this point, seems ready to lose, and possibly in a landslide.

Harry Truman won in 1948 without being particularly popular, while Barack Obama is well liked, but his policies have made him vulnerable. In both cases, however, they came across as genuine and caring, and Thomas Dewey and Mitt Romney did not!

These comparisons are fascinating, as they promote the reality that showing real concern for others, and being genuine in your personality, are key factors in both the election of Truman, despite great odds in 1948, and will do the same for Barack Obama in 2012!

A Pitiful Republican Presidential Debate Sponsored By Fox News Channel In Ames, Iowa!

If a neutral observer was watching the Republican Presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, last night, sponsored by Fox News Channel, he or she would likely come away with the thought: Are these eight people competing for the Presidential nomination of the party of Lincoln, TR, Eisenhower and Reagan the best they can find to run for the highest office in the land? Are these candidates NOT a tremendous embarrassment to themselves, as well as the nation? Even if one is dissatisfied with President Barack Obama, why is it that the opposition party cannot find a candidate who matches the level of past candidates, including losers like Charles Evans Hughes, Wendell Willkie, Thomas Dewey, Bob Dole and John McCain?

When one looks at the eight people in the debate, the conclusions are the following observations:

1. None of the candidates was willing to commit to ANY tax increase at all, even with the theoretical deal suggested of ten dollars of budget cuts for each additional dollar of tax increases on the wealthy and corporations, an unbelievable commentary on the lack of financial responsibility of the Republican candidates who wish to be President of the United States!

2. The number of factual errors and miscues by all of the candidates is mind boggling, and demonstrates just how ignorant of economics, foreign policy, and civil liberties these candidates are!

3. Michele Bachmann came across as totally loony and whacky in her presentation, far weaker than her performance in the last debate which brought her to prominence in June.

4. Herman Cain proved that he should go back to running a pizza corporation, as he has no understanding of any issues, displaying total stupidity in just about everything he enunciated.

5. Rick Santorum surprised when he seemed to defend the rights of gays in Iran, but not in America, but also showed stupidity when he referred to the people of Afghanistan as “Afghanistanis”, rather than Afghans.

6. Ron Paul did his usual ranting and raving like a crazy man, with a total isolationist view that has zero chance to be adopted by the party which has promoted overseas engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq.

7. Newt Gingrich actually improved somewhat, but is already fatally flawed because of past blunders, statements, actions, and resignation of his staff members.

8. Tim Pawlenty also did a bit better, but still comes across as too weak, and often seeming more like a governor who had trouble defending his record against attacks by fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann.

9. Jon Huntsman disappointed tremendously, having an opportunity to stand out in the race as the one reasonable moderate centrist, and instead showed timidity, and even distorted what the Obama Administration has done in dealings with China, while he was Ambassador to China, contradicting positive statements about the President that he had made while working for him.

10. Mitt Romney, the theoretical front runner, at least until Rick Perry enters the race officially this weekend of the Iowa Ames Straw Poll, still can be considered the front runner, but he does not enthuse party members or the general public, and when one hears that he is worth $264 million, one has to say how in the world can he understand average Americans, and have the nerve to say that corporations are people, and joke that he is also unemployed!

What a sad commentary on the opposition to Barack Obama, and no matter how displeased many Americans may be with the President, it is very hard to conceptualize that they will vote him out in favor of any of these candidates, all of whom could rightly be condemned as LOSERS in every sense of the word!

Service In The Military And American Presidential Politics!

For much of American history, service in the military has been a plus for political leaders who sought the Presidency of the United States.

About two thirds of all American Presidents engaged in military service, and some were major figures in wartime, including George Washington, Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison, Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

It has been rare to have a Presidential campaign, where neither of the candidates had served in the military, and the last time that happened was 1944, when Governor Thomas Dewey opposed President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As recently as 2004 and 2008, the losing Presidential candidate had served in Vietnam (John Kerry and John McCain), and was admired for their war records, even though it did not help them to win.

But now for 2012, it is likely that for the first time since 1944, that neither candidate will have served in the military, as all of the major candidates for the GOP nomination, as well as President Barack Obama, have not spent time in the military.

Only Congressman Ron Paul and Governor Rick Perry, both of Texas, have ever served in the military, and neither is seen as likely to be the Republican nominee for the White House!

So with fewer people serving in the military than ever before, and with the military draft gone since 1973, it may very well be likely that from now on, the Presidential race will be lacking in influence of people who have served their country in the military!