White Working Class Workers

The Growing Arrogance, Cockiness, And Delusional Nature Of Mitt Romney!

Despite the fact that all of the polls show a widening lead for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential nominee has demonstrated a belief that he has nothing to worry about regarding the election.

Dismissing Republican and conservative criticism, Romney says he does not need to change his staff and advisers, or change strategy in any form, as he knows he is going to win the Presidency six weeks from now!

Despite his many gaffes, and his statement about the “47 percent”, and his manipulated 2011 tax return, Romney is being extremely arrogant and cocky, and showing signs of delusion of grandeur!

This man is so accustomed to getting what he wants, and having everyone serve him, that he cannot comprehend reality, and is clueless to the fact that he is antagonizing women, Hispanics and Latinos, senior citizens, young people, and even white working class people in the Midwest, who are angry over his willingness to abandon the auto industry in 2008-2009, while Barack Obama saved this important industry and the hundreds of thousands of jobs that, had they not been saved, unemployment would be so much higher today!

Some would argue that white working class men, in particular, might not be thrilled about voting for an African American President, but are more irritated that a rich white guy, such as Mitt Romney, who has no conception of what their lives are like, was ready to abandon the Midwest to depression conditions!

So, as stated recently, Romney looks more than ever like Thomas Dewey, the GOP Presidential nominee in 1948, who thought he was going to defeat President Harry Truman.

However, the difference is that the polls showed Dewey constantly in the lead until the election, so it is understandable that Dewey might have that delusion.

Romney has not been ahead, and is falling further behind, a totally different circumstance, so Romney may very well need a mental examination as to his sanity, if he can be so overly confident that he is going to win!

Either that, or Romney is lying to us and himself, something he has been doing ever since he first decided to run for President in 2007!