Supermarket Workers

True Heroes: Supermarket, Pharmacy, And Transit Workers,First Responders, Medical Personnel, Now Many Becoming Part Of Death Toll Of CoronaVirus Pandemic

So much attention in the news is always about famous people, wealthy people, controversial people!

How about some attention to the true heroes who often work for minimum wage, and those who sacrifice at work every day without the CoronaVirus Pandemic, or with it, more noticed now!

The true heroes are unsung, including those who work in supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, and many other “essential” fields of work!

The true heroes also are the transit workers, those who deliver the mail, first responders (police, fire, emergency medical), and the nurses, doctors, and other medical personnel, who are working long hours trying to save lives, and despairing at the high death count!

This is also a time to appreciate the efforts of teachers, who suddenly parents realize what a tough and thankless job they have in educating the nation’s children, as now parents must become teachers, and not take the educators of the nation for granted!

But notice, not a real tribute to all of these workers coming from the President of the United States. while Joe Biden, his opponent, has spoken plenty about the sacrifices of these different categories of workers!

But that is because Joe Biden, whether you agree with him on all public issues, is fundamentally, a decent, compassionate, genuine, sincere person with real empathy and concern for others, the precise opposite of the cold, uncaring personality of our President!

Joe Biden’s personality traits are exactly what we need in the Presidency, to heal the nation and move forward into an uncertain future!