Soviet Republics

Presidents And Dictatorships: Double Standard Of Critics Of Obama Change Of Cuban Policy

Presidents of the United States deal with reality, not what they might wish was so.

America has had diplomatic relations with all sorts of terrible people who govern the world’s nations over time.

Latin American dictatorships, including those of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba; Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic; the Duvalier dynasty, father and son, in Haiti; Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua; and military dictatorships in all of the South American nations at different times, have been accepted by American Presidents.

Our Presidents have dealt with Asian dictatorships, including China beginning with Richard Nixon; and with Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam, South Korea for decades, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan and the former Soviet Republics, now independent, but almost all of them dictatorships.

We have dealt with the Arab nations of the Middle East and with Iran under the Shah, despite their harsh dictatorships.

We have had dealings with African dictatorships of all stripes, including South Africa under Apartheid; and the brutal governments of much of the continent.

Somehow, Cuba has been seen differently, when the governments of many of the world’s nations has been far worse in their oppression than Fidel and Raul Castro.

This is not saying that Fidel and Raul Castro cannot, rightfully, be condemned for their human rights violations, but if human rights was the guide, we would not have any diplomatic relations or trade with 80 percent of the world!

When Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and the two Presidents Bush have embraced, and even endorsed, dictators, it was always seen as no big deal, but when Barack Obama opens up to Cuba after 54 years, it is perceived as a crime of massive proportions, while we willingly accepted the previous harsh dictatorship in Cuba of Batista and his henchmen!

Hypocrisy anyone?

Nuclear Disarmament and Nuclear Security: Senator Obama To President Obama

One of President Obama’s great commitments is to promote nuclear disarmament and nuclear security, an issue also pursued by Presidents Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in office. Also, other efforts were made by Gerald Ford and both Presidents Bush, as well.

But Obama showed interest and concern over this as early as being a freshman in the Senate, when he traveled to the former Soviet Republics in Eastern Europe to promote such activities, in league with Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, who was Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in the year 2005.

Obama made a new commitment to such work in a speech today at the National Defense University in Washington, DC, explaining the need to dismantle nuclear weapons, one by one, to lower the danger of a nuclear disaster caused by accident worldwide, or by terrorists gaining control of such weapons.

So Barack Obama can be added to the list of Presidents who have worked to make a safer world for future generations of people worldwide! There is no more important responsibility for any American President!