South Carolina Presidential Debate

Pete Buttigieg Winner Of Debate, A Voice Of Reason And Common Sense

Last night’s South Carolina CBS Democratic Presidential debate was often a shouting match more than a debate, as Bernie Sanders demonstrated his grouchy disposition and inflexibility.

Coming out of the debate experience, the steadiness of Pete Buttigieg showed through, as he was more the adult in the room at age 38 than all of his rivals much older than himself.

Pete was a voice of reason and common sense, and I renew my endorsement of the former South Bend, Indiana Mayor as the best choice for the Democratic Party to challenge Donald Trump.

The fact that he accepts the help of some billionaires is not a big deal, and the concept that Bernie Sanders would refuse the help of Michael Bloomberg, when all financial help is needed to have a shot at defeating Donald Trump, is a stunning sign of his inability to see reality through his ideological lens.

Sadly, Super Tuesday might be the end of many candidacies, if Sanders does well, but with such a result, we will likely see the demise of any chance of a Democratic takeover of the White House and the US Senate, barring a miracle. And even control of the House of Representatives is likely to be lost if Sanders is the nominee!

What The Fox News Channel South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate Revealed

Last night’s Fox News Channel South Carolina Republican Presidential debate revealed a lot about the Republican Party and about South Carolina, none of it good!

It demonstrated that the Republican Party is willing to live the past–a past of racial discrimination, denial of the right to vote, talk of secession veiled in the term “states rights”, willingness to condemn the poor in the name of veiled code words, and to promote a radical right wing extremism that would promote prejudice, and a “them” versus “us” mentality.

It also demonstrated that the Republicans have no intention of trying to avoid war, when war is possible, by their tough stand against diplomacy, and their veiled threats against Iran, even with the knowledge that America was bankrupted by Iraq and Afghanistan, and the American people wish to avoid further foreign conflicts.

The audience was very outside the norms, by booing Ron Paul over foreign policy; cheering Newt Gingrich with his racial political appeal to a group of obvious Dixiecrat types who would have voted for Strom Thurmond in 1948; being supportive of Rick Perry in his claim that the national government is attacking the rights of the people of South Carolina and Texas; and the general disrespect to refuse to honor the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr on the national holiday which they were against from the beginning.

Nothing has changed in South Carolina, which started the Civil War; was one of the most viciously racist states in the era of segregation; and has demonstrated no concern for its large poverty stricken population, a majority of it white, although the image is left that they are all African American.

South Carolina remains one of the most backward states in many different statistical areas, but after all, they have their beliefs in their Christian faith, totally distorting the message of Jesus Christ!