Senator Bob Menendez

Senator Bob Menendez MUST Resign: A Danger To American Foreign Policy!

New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez must resign from the Senate, as he is a clear and present danger to American foreign policy!

He has been Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and being engaged in alleged deals with Egypt is very worrisome at the least!

This has nothing to do with party politics, just simply for national security and safety!

Menendez has already once before been indicted, although the case did not lead to conviction, but he is the first US Senator to have been indicted twice in his career!

He will not be able to be reelected, and it is time for him to pursue his defense, and end his political career, for the sake of the Democratic Party!

The Scandal About Veterans As Veterans Day Approaches: Homelessness!

A new report reveals that, on the average on any given day, 131,000 veterans are homeless, and over a year, double that number are homeless at any point of time.

This information was revealed by the Veterans Affairs Department and Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey.

This news just adds to the traditional view that we have dedicated men and women who offer their service, and often their lives, to their country’s security, and yet, our country has been remiss in its treatment of our soldiers when they return wounded physically or mentally, and when they have trouble finding work, and when they need our help as thanks for their service.

It is so much easier to send troops to war than take responsibility for them after they have done their service! This is a national scandal, and it is time to change the way government deals with our heroes.

The fact that the Obama Administration has brought attention to this crisis is an encouraging sign that we may finally have a Presidency dedicated to real commitment to those people who keep us safe and secure from harm!