Senate Democratic Caucus

Senate Democratic Caucus Meeting At White House: Is This The Last Opportunity To Gain Health Care Reform?

For the first time since the health care debate began months ago, President Obama has invited the entire Senate Democratic caucus to visit the White House on Tuesday.

Obama needs to push for what he wants at this meeting, as he is often criticized for being too willing to let the Senate do its own thing without major intervention by the White House. He has to be much more assertive than he apparently has been up to this point.

He must act like Lyndon Johnson in overcoming the Senate filibuster over the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Remember that to overcome the opposition forty five years ago, Johnson needed two thirds of the Senate, sixty seven votes, while now only sixty votes, or three fifths of the Senate is needed.

This may be the last opportunity to accomplish the signature program that Obama wishes as his legacy for his Presidency, at least in the first term. The time for active assertiveness is NOW!