The Republicans, Scrooge, And Food Stamp Cuts

The Republican Party, particularly in the House of Representatives, has declared war on the Food Stamp program, pushing for a vote to cut about $40 billion from the program, in a vote due later this week.

This cut would come over ten years, and would deny basic food sustenance to poor people, with 76 percent of the beneficiaries being children, senior citizens, the disabled, and war veterans.

As Michele Bachmann said, if one does not work, one does not eat! Isn’t that the “Christian” thing to do? Of course, Jesus Christ would approve, or would he? Anyone sane and moral and ethical knows the answer!

And particularly, when Bachmann and her husband gain federal support for their program to help gays become straight, one of the biggest examples of corruption imaginable!

Meanwhile, corporations get supported by government, and the elite wealthy continue to become wealthier, at the expense of everyone else!

How could anyone with a heart, a sense of decency, vote for these Scrooge (Charles Dickens novel) like characters who do not give a damn about those less fortunate, whether for food stamps or health care or anything that makes lives easier for those who have miserable lives through no fault of their own?

Herman Cain and Erick Erickson And The Republicans: Reverse Robin Hood!

Herman Cain promotes his 9-9-9 plan, which economists tell us will tax the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly more, while lowering the tax liability of the wealthy much more than it is today!

Erick Erickson, the conservative blogger, mouths what most conservatives and Republicans say, that the 47 percent of the population who do not pay federal income tax need to start paying, and stop expecting the other 53 percent to carry the burden.

The fact that the 47 percent who do not pay federal income taxes DO pay federal payroll taxes in the form of Social Security and Medicare, and also pay state and local income taxes and sales taxes is not considered.

The fact that most of this 47 percent are poor and getting poorer, or are sick, disabled, or elderly is not considered!

There is no consideration of the fact that the wealthy top one percent have 40 percent of the national income!

There is no consideration that the average person of African American or Hispanic ancestry has just FIVE percent of the assets of the average white person!

The fact that millions of Americans are losing their homes, their jobs, and their pensions is not considered, as long as the wealthy are allowed to keep their assets and continue them on the growth pattern.

The conservatives and Republicans are like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens.

And they will call themselves “good Christians” while condemning the poor, the disabled, the sick, and the elderly.

In summary, Herman Cain, Erick Erickson and their ilk are modern day Robin Hoods in reverse–taking from those down and out, and giving MORE to the rich and powerful!

Do these people have any soul, any ethics, any morality? How can they often quote the Old and New Testaments in the name of their selfishness and greed?

The whole situation is mind boggling!