Rural Population

The Demographic Death Spiral Of The Republican Party!

The Republican Party is in a death spiral, unable to appeal to the majority of:

African Americans
Asian Americans
Native Americans
College Educated
Urban Population
Gays, Lesbians, Transsexuals
New England and Northeast States
Pacific Coast States
Upper Midwestern States and Illinois
Most “Swing States”

The Republican Party gains support from the majority of:

Older White Males over 45
Working Class White Males
Non College Educated
Very Religious Christians and Jews
Southern States With Smaller Populations
Rural Population
Great Plains States
Upper Mountain West States
Wealthy Upper Class

The second set of groups are simply not enough to win the Presidency, and the GOP, if it does not change its basic philosophy and appeal, is doomed, as it is in a death spiral historically!

The Most Anti Obama State: Oklahoma!

If one looks at the fifty states, and wonders which state is the MOST anti Barack Obama, based on voting support and polls, that distinction goes to the Great Plains state of Oklahoma.

In the Democratic primary for President, with a group of unknown candidates, Obama only won 57 percent of the vote and lost 15 counties, according to an article in the Washington Post.

Obama received his lowest percentage of the Presidential vote in Oklahoma in 2008, gaining only 34 percent of the votes against John McCain.

Obama lost all 77 counties in the state in 2008, and only received a maximum of 42 percent in Oklahoma City, the most urban but not much, part of a state overwhelmingly rural.

With no concentrated minority population, with the black population only eight percent in the state, the heavily white and culturally conservative state is no breeding ground for Obama support.

And yet, the state has had some Democratic officeholders recently, including the Governorship, and is not regarded by statistics to be one of the most conservative states.

It is just a fact that he is not liked for who he is and what he believes in, a perfect example of how no politician can be well liked and supported everywhere, and Oklahoma is simply Obama’s Achilles Heel!