Religion And Politics

Two Thirds Of The Trump Term Is Gone: We Must Ensure That His Time In The Presidency Ends On January 20, 2021!

Yesterday, September 20, marked the end of 32 months of the Trump Presidency, two thirds of the entire term of 48 months.

This has been the most tumultuous 32 months in the history of the American Presidency, and with constant attacks on every institution and tradition imaginable, led by a crazed, mentally ill, morally bankrupt and totally evil man and his despicable cabinet and family.

And to imagine his attorneys in court this week declaring that the President cannot be challenged, and cannot be investigated, is an alarm bell in the night of the horrific dangers we are facing.

There is the potential of a new Middle East War, this time with Iran, in the service of a corrupt regime in Saudi Arabia.

There is the potential of a massive economic collapse after the longest economic expansion in American history, caused to a great extent by Donald Trump’s crazy tariff war with China and other nations.

There is the potential of more mass murders with firearms, and no moral leadership on Capitol Hill.

There is the ever present danger of climate change, with protests inspired by young people whose future is doomed if nothing is done to deal with the reality of what is occurring.

There is the power of religion, dividing people, and xenophobia, promoting racism and nativism on a large scale.

There is so much evil occurring, and an entire political party bows to the person who wishes to be a King, while the other party cowers in fear at standing up to the tin horn dictator and holding him accountable to the extent possible.

If Donald Trump is not impeached, it will be a sign to future Presidents of both sides of the political equation that they have been given license to extend the horrors of Donald Trump in the name of their own ambitions, rather than what is proper for the American people.

The fire is burning, and it is time for action, not only by the Democratic Party, but by all good citizens with a conscience and principles, willing to go beyond any personal economic gain that they might be having, and thinking of the nation above their own selfish interests.

Right Wingers, Health Care, And God: Hypocrisy Personified!

The right wing in this country will stop at nothing to defeat health care!

Now some of them are stating that promoting health care is affronting God!

How outrageous and despicable these people are! 🙁 Health care promotes and protects life, and supposedly the right wing is big on preserving life and preventing abortion and mercy killings.

And yet, the fact that 45,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care does not phase them, and they have the nerve to co-opt God and claim to be “good Christians”!

Anyone who claims to be “good” and “religious” is lying if he or she promotes the idea that we should not save lives, that people who have serious health crises should not get adequate health care!

It is another example of the problem of so called “religious” people being phonies, and utilizing God to their political advantage! But these people are to be understood for what they are: charlatans! 🙁