New York City Mayoralty

“Ranked Choice System” Being Used In NYC Mayoral Primary

Only 12 of the 50 states of the Union have a larger population than New York City, which began its Mayoral primary yesterday, using a “ranked choice system” method, which required a candidate gain 50 percent plus one to be the nominee.

With 13 candidates on the ballot, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams leads with 31.7 percent of the vote, but when this new method is put into place over the next few weeks, in theory, he could be defeated by second place finisher Maya Wiley with 22.3 percent of the vote, or third place finisher Kathryn Garcia with 19.5 percent of the vote.

Every voter could rank his or her second to fifth place alternative choices, and it will likely take a few weeks until two candidates are left, and one wins 50 percent plus one vote.

if Adams wins, which is likely, he will be the second African American mayor, after David Dinkins (1989-1993), and if Wiley or Garcia wins, it will be the first woman mayor and of a minority status.

The Total Collapse Of The Reputation Of Rudy Giuliani, From “America’s Mayor”, To Widespread Corruption And Indecency!

It is hard to believe that Rudy Giuliani was once “America’s Mayor”, hailed all over the nation after September 11.

In 2008, Giuliani sought the Republican nomination for President, and was perceived as a moderate mainstream Republican with some very liberal views.

But Giuliani flopped badly, after having led the polls in 2007, and being seen as a potential occupant of the Oval Office.

Giuliani has clearly deteriorated mentally and ethically since 2008, having now gone through three wives and divorces, and displaying weird, crazy behavior in recent years, particularly since tying his future to President Donald Trump,

Giuliani is now enmeshed in the Ukraine scandal, and seems likely to be indicted for corruption in his business dealings and in his work for Trump. The man who was once considered a great prosecutor now faces the likelihood of prison time, and disgrace.

It is hard to feel sympathy for Rudy Giuliani, however, as his public and private behavior has become so obnoxious and degrading, and it is obvious that Donald Trump has helped to make him yet another victim of the evil man who is ready to throw anyone and everyone under the bus. Many think Giuliani is mentally deranged and totally unstable, similar to Donald Trump.

It is now urgent that future Presidential contenders undergo mental testing, as any sane person can see that Donald Trump should have been removed from the Oval Office long ago, and by still being there, is undermining the domestic and foreign policy of America, in such a way, that it is likely to be long lasting beyond his time in office.

Time For Anthony Weiner To Withdraw From NYC Mayoral Race Immediately!

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced out of office in 2011 after a sexting scandal online, including photos of his private parts. Many thought that was the end of his political career, if for nothing else than stupidity, and disloyalty to his new wife, who was pregnant at the time.

Weiner apologized profusely to his wife, and said he was going to get professional help to overcome his behavior.

Then, suddenly, he decided to enter the NYC Mayoral race this year, claiming he had been reformed, and that he wanted to serve the city, and his ratings in polls soared, due partially to people knowing who he was, and many wanting to give him another chance, due to the belief in redemption. He was even ahead in some polls for the NYC Democratic primary.

But now, news has emerged of continued sexting and sending of nude pictures of his private parts, and extremely racy language used by Weiner, and NOT from before his resignation from Congress, but occurring in 2012, a year AFTER his resignation, after so called psychological help was sought, and his wife and he had their son!

So, in other words, nothing has changed, as Weiner is unable to control his impulses, has been disloyal to his wife again, overlooked his responsibilities to his son, and is a true embarrassment to himself and the city he claims to want to govern responsibly!

How in the world can Weiner be a legitimate, credible Mayor if he cannot control his impulses, even after resignation and humiliation two years ago?

This man is sick, and needs real, substantial help, as his behavior is self destructive, and we cannot be confident that he would not get involved in similar sexting or other sex scandals as Mayor of the largest city in America, often called the second toughest job in America, after the Presidency!

It is time for Anthony Weiner to back out of the race for NYC Mayor, and get the help he needs, and try to save his marriage and the stability his son needs! He would be a disgrace to NYC as Mayor, no matter what his capabilities!

And if he does not withdraw, the intelligent people of the Democratic Party in NYC need to send him the message of repudiation, which will finally send him to private life, where he belongs permanently!

Should Disgraced Politicians “Come Back”?The Cases Of Anthony Weiner And Eliot Spitzer And The New York Mayoralty In 2013

The political world is abuzz with rumors that former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is thinking of running for Mayor of New York City in 2013, to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg!

There has also been discussion of the possibility of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer running for Mayor as well.

Both New York politicians resigned after sex scandals, which would ordinarily destroy their future careers, but at least Spitzer has been a host of news shows on CNN and now the CURRENT channel, and has come across very well as a political commentator.

One could argue that after such scandals and disgrace, that these and others, including former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina, the 2004 Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, should just go into the woodwork and never re-emerge again!

And yet, Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter survived a sex scandal, never resigned, and was reelected to the Senate!

So the best answer is that anyone has a right to run for public office, and the scandals will reflect on their character, but ultimately, IF the American people want a former disgraced politician to run and win, that is their right, and none of us should condemn such action by the candidates, or by the people who choose to support them!