“Ranked Choice System”

“Ranked Choice System” Being Used In NYC Mayoral Primary

Only 12 of the 50 states of the Union have a larger population than New York City, which began its Mayoral primary yesterday, using a “ranked choice system” method, which required a candidate gain 50 percent plus one to be the nominee.

With 13 candidates on the ballot, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams leads with 31.7 percent of the vote, but when this new method is put into place over the next few weeks, in theory, he could be defeated by second place finisher Maya Wiley with 22.3 percent of the vote, or third place finisher Kathryn Garcia with 19.5 percent of the vote.

Every voter could rank his or her second to fifth place alternative choices, and it will likely take a few weeks until two candidates are left, and one wins 50 percent plus one vote.

if Adams wins, which is likely, he will be the second African American mayor, after David Dinkins (1989-1993), and if Wiley or Garcia wins, it will be the first woman mayor and of a minority status.