Is Mitt Romney “Captive” Of Grover Norquist, Paul Ryan, And Bill Kristol?

Mitt Romney, the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee, is a man with very few interests, other than making money, along with caring about his family and his Mormon Church.

He has really no background or great knowledge in foreign policy, and has very little interest in improving the lives of average Americans.

Many are starting to wonder if he the “captive” of Grover Norquist, Paul Ryan, and Bill Kristol.

Grover Norquist, the head of Americans For Tax Reform, has been able to convince almost all Republicans in Congress to agree NEVER to raise taxes on ANYONE, and in fact, lower them ever more. Mitt Romney has committed himself to this insanity, and of course, he personally benefits from such a policy.

Paul Ryan, the House Budget Chairman from Wisconsin, promotes the idea of destroying Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as we know it, and has been even criticized by leaders of his own Catholic Church for his harsh view and attitude towards the poor. Romney has also expressed the thought that nothing more needs to be done for those less fortunate.

Bill Kristol is the publisher of the conservative weekly, The Weekly Standard, since its inception in 1994, and he is infamous as one of the “neocons”, the so called neo conservatives, who call for use of force overseas, and advocated the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Mitt Romney has pushed for the idea of bombing Iran, rather than diplomacy first being pursued over their nuclear program.

So one has to wonder if Mitt Romney, having no interest in issues other than what will elect him, is allowing himself now, and later as President, were he to be elected, to enact policies favored by these three men and others, which many would call “radical” ideas.

It is truly ironic that Barack Obama is often called a “radical” President, when if one examines Mitt Romney and who has influence or power over him, we should instead be concerned that Mitt Romney is the true “radical” in the race, ready to reverse progress and change under Barack Obama, and go back to the failed policies of George W. Bush!

Herman Cain: A “Clarence Thomas” Presidency America Cannot Afford!

Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain may be the “Flavor of the Week” or the “Flavor of the Month” in the Republican Presidential race, but he represents a great threat to social justice, racial reconciliation, and political democratization as he has revealed that he is an admirer of Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his constitutional views; agrees with the neo-conservatives who advised George W. Bush to engage in war in Iraq; and is ready to raise taxes on the middle class and the poor, and further skew the acquisition of wealth by the elite top one percent, making him a favorite of the extreme right wing Koch Brothers!

This man is displaying a desire to take America back to the Gilded Age of the late 19th century, as he rejects Social Security and Medicare as we know it, and basically the whole substance of the New Deal and Great Society!

Without ANY experience in government, he has the nerve to expect that we will elect him to the Presidency, without any concept of world affairs, not even understanding, when asked, what a neo-conservative is; with the belief that simplification of taxes will somehow magically solve the economic crisis; with a cockiness and arrogance that he is best qualified to lead over people who have been in the public sphere for years; with a willingness to attack his own racial group as “brainwashed” and undermining their role or significance, therefore, in American society; and with a narrow minded view about illegal immigrants and Muslims, designed to draw conservative support from the bigots and the extreme right wingers who would not have given Herman Cain the time of day in the past, and are now using him in an attempt to convince the country that they are not outside the mainstream!

Herman Cain is dangerous in that he would set back all of the human rights, social justice, and common decency that has made America a beacon for the world, in favor of greed, selfishness, and the worship of wealth without responsibility to the body politic! A President Herman Cain would be the ultimate irony, that after centuries of struggle by African Americans, that two of the three branches of government would be controlled or influenced by people who are self hating, and are joining those who would harm the progress that has been made with blood, sweat and tears, including that of Martin Luther King, Jr, who is being honored today with the dedication of the King National Memorial in Washington, DC!