Multiplex Movie Theater Massacre

What Should Happen: A Joint Appearance In Aurora, Colorado Today By Barack Obama And Mitt Romney To Mourn The Victims!

President Barack Obama is going to Aurora, Colorado this afternoon to attend a service to mourn the dead in the Multiplex Movie Theater Massacre, a very appropriate action on his part.

But this is also a moment when his opponent, Mitt Romney, should forgo partisanship and unite with Obama on the podium, shaking hands, and both of them speaking on the dangers of gun violence, and the need for the federal government to do SOMETHING, overcoming partisanship and standing for joint action, based on what is right, not what is political, for once in a long while! And if the National Rifle Association gets angry, so be it, as it is highly unlikely that they will abandon Romney and endorse Obama for President!

Could Obama reject such a bold gesture by Romney, to share the podium with him? Hardly, but it would require real courage, guts, and principle by the former Massachusetts Governor, a profile in real leadership, where neither would gain politically, but both would gain in respect and common decency to unite on what is right to do, not what is politically popular.

But notice that Romney has remained silent, other than an appropriate statement on Friday, but he should surprise everyone and announce he will be there, and will wish to make the mourning for the victims of the gun violence totally non-political!

But don’t hold your breath on this one!