Mental Stability

Joe Biden Proves He Is Mentally Stable, And Hits A Home Run In His Acceptance Speech At The Democratic National Convention

Joe Biden had a masterful performance last night, as he accepted the Democratic nomination for President!

He proved he was mentally stable and competent, and his speech was flawless.

It demonstrated the man he is–one of empathy, decency, compassion, competence, experience.

He made clear that America is in a crisis, and that he, with Kamala Harris by his side, will have the best people available to assist him in dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Second Great Depression, racial matters, and the crisis of climate change.

He will make it an issue of patriotism for the American people to have a national commitment to wear face masks and sacrifice for the common good, as otherwise, the pandemic will destroy us if the American people do not cooperate.

I have followed Joe Biden for a half century, and while I have not always agreed with him on every issue, I believe he is a unique politician, as he truly cares and is sincere, in a manner rarely found in politicians.

He will, when elected, follow through on progressive reforms, in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and especially, Barack Obama.

And Joe Biden will have his college professor wife, Dr. Jill Biden, by his side, and she will become of the most outstanding First Ladies in American history.

The crimes of the Trump Presidency must also be pursued and prosecuted, as that should be a priority of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Early public opinion polls since Biden chose Harris show him gaining more of a lead, a good sign, while Donald Trump is flailing aimlessly!

Donald Trump Proving Inability To Deal With CoronaVirus Crisis

Donald Trump is proving his inability to deal with the CoronaVirus Crisis, as all he is doing is playing politics, attacking Democrats with his insults, and contradicting health experts.

He is more concerned with his reelection, than caring about Americans and their health.

He seems totally out of control, unable to deal with reality, and his mental instability is clear to anyone who has a brain.

Some worry about Joe Biden and his mental stability, but Biden is showing statesmanship by saying that the President should keep his mouth shut, and let the health experts take control and do what they know best, how to control a situation that requires calm and measured judgment.

Americans are seeing just how incompetent our President is, as if they did not know it already, if they had been paying attention to his day by day actions and utterances for the past three years!

Never Again Should America Elect A President Without Any Government Elected Or Appointed Experience, Psychological Testing And Full Financial Information

The experience of Donald Trump should be enough evidence so that never again do we allow a person with zero government experience to run for and win the Presidency.

In ideal terms, it would be good to have a constitutional amendment detailing what a President’s experience should be, but that is clearly never going to happen, and just passing a law would be declared unconstitutional.

But common sense and intelligence should make that a person to run for President should have to meet the following qualifications:

A Presidential candidate should have government service in elective office, including Governors, Mayors, US Senators, US Congressmen or appointed service, including being a Cabinet officer under one or more Presidents or have served in the US military, and reach a high level of rank in any branch of the armed forces of the United States.

However, also a requirement should be that a Presidential candidate must submit to psychological testing, as to his mental stability.

Additionally, any Presidential candidate must be required to submit full financial information for the previous 20 years, with no blocking of any information allowed.

IF these requirements are met, we would never again face the disaster of Donald Trump, a totally ignorant, uneducated, incompetent, and dangerous person to have control of the military and nuclear codes.

The point is that government is NOT a business, and so just being in business does not qualify one to be President of the United States!

Michele Bachmann: Mentally Unfit And Mentally Unstable To Be President!

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann may be surging in the polls, as compared to all other GOP Presidential candidates, but she has proved herself mentally unfit, as well as mentally unstable, to be President of the United States!

With her reckless use of myths and falsehoods and invocation of God telling her what to do in her life and career, she has demonstrated that she is loony and nutty enough to be a danger in the Oval Office, with the power and authority to unleash nuclear weapons!

With her insensitivity and narrow mindedness toward those she portrays as having the wrong views about social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, racial relations, and immigration reform, she has disqualified herself from being able to unite the country around a common unity!

A President Bachmann would cause even further division and turmoil than we have right now, and would lead us to a right wing fascist mentality toward those who don’t agree with the narrow view of evangelical Christianity that separates “them” from “us”!

Also, the pushing of ABC News correspondent Brian Ross by aides of Bachmann, when Ross tried to purse an answer to a question, is totally unacceptable behavior, and reminds one of Huey Long “goons” during the early to mid 1930s in Louisiana! The nation will not tolerate a President who permits such mishandling of media as Bachmann seems to have no problem accepting!

Finally, the issue that Brian Ross was trying to bring up is crucial as well: the confirmed report that Bachmann has suffered for 15 years from migraine headaches that are extremely intense and required medical treatment many times, with indications, denied by Bachmann, but confirmed, that these migraines incapacitated her for periods of time and required lots and all kinds of pills! To top it off, Bachmann claims the migraines are caused by high heels, even though there is no correlation ever noted by any medical doctor between high heels and migraines!

Sounds as if Bachmann is at it again, with loony and nutty explanations, that just add to the image that she is, more than ever, mentally unfit and mentally unstable to be Commander in Chief!