Maryland Primary

The Problem Of Religion For Mitt Romney, And How He Deals With It: In A Demagogic Manner!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has many problems on the road to the Republican Presidential nomination, and despite his wins tonight in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Wisconsin, his path to the Presidency is complicated, and it turns out, religion remains a major barrier.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon, a faith regarded by many Christian groups as a religious cult.

Mitt Romney was testy when asked a question yesterday about the tenets of his faith, regarding interracial sexual relations. He said he did not wish to discuss religion, but that is not going to make that issue go away.

When one looks at Gallup polls about how people feel about different religions, we discover that 7 percent say they would not vote for a Baptist; an equal 7 percent would not vote for a Catholic; 9 percent would not vote for a Jew; while 22 percent would not vote for a Mormon!

Only two groups rate higher in voter reluctance to vote for a candidate of that religion: 46 percent would not vote for a Muslim; and 49 percent would not vote for an atheist.

So what has Romney decided to do? Instead of arguing, as many demagogues of his party and in talk radio have done, that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim, Romney goes one better.

Romney is now claiming that Obama is promoting “secularism”, in other words, “atheism”, that Obama does not really believe in God!

How despicable and demagogic Romney has become, trying to label Obama as an atheist, due to the fact that the percentage who would not vote for an atheist is double and more that of those who would not vote for a Mormon!

Romney is exploiting religious prejudice and hatred, at a time when he has a religious problem of his own!

What could be more unprincipled? And it is clear that it will not work, and Romney, by bringing it up, deserves a walloping repudiation in November!

The Opportunity For A Final Repudiation Of Rick Santorum: The Pennsylvania Primary On April 24

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is expected to lose the Wisconsin Primary big time tonight, along with Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Most of the GOP establishment has now backed Mitt Romney, although some seem reluctant and doubtful about the former Massachusetts Governor.

Santorum has become ever more vicious in his attacks on Romney, and has made it clear that he intends to stay in the race, despite daunting odds against him. He believes he will win his home state primary three weeks from now, and talks about how the month of May should be a good month for him.

This is part of Rick Santorum’s growing image as delusional!

We can look forward to the strong likelihood that Pennsylvania, which rejected Santorum for a third term in the US Senate in 2006, by a 17 point defeat, one of the all time record losses in percentage for a sitting US Senator, will repudiate him again, embarrassing him to the extreme.

But then, knowing Santorum’s delusions, he might not be embarrassed, and might continue to campaign into May, showing he is out of touch with reality.

The best gift possible for Mitt Romney, and for progressives nationwide, would be a smashing defeat and repudiation of a man who is not only delusional, but also a social totalitarian, desirous of taking away our privacy rights, in his mad dash toward promotion of a theocracy in America!