Law Enforcement Officers

About 1,200 People Killed By Police In 2022, While 64 Police Officers Killed!

The statistics are stunning!

About 1,200 people in America were killed by police in 2022, while 64 police officers were killed!

Any police life lost is unacceptable, as the vast majority of law enforcement personnel are good people, dedicating their lives to fighting crime, and working to make the lives of American citizens better and safer.

But a statistic of 1.200 people killed by police is shocking, and totally unacceptable, and while there are, certainly, some of those killed being criminals dangerous to others, many victims are people with mental and emotional issues, and often not directly harmful to others.

And the horrendous death of Tyre Nichols, who was at most possibly involved in speeding his vehicle, and that is not yet known, shocks all decent people, in the manner in which Memphis police abused him, and how none of the five police charged with second degree murder was willing to step in and stop the victimization of this young man!

And the idea that others who showed up to give medical help stood by for about 19 minutes, not rendering Tyre Nichols aid that could have saved his life, is even more unbelievable and reprehensible!

Our law enforcement community is there to protect us, but that does not give license to engage in behavior more reminiscent of criminal elements and urban gangs.

Tyre Nichols was a gentle soul, small in frame, and abused by police officers much heavier and stronger than he was, and the idea that five black officers did this takes away the so called “race card”, but is inexplicable!

Major reforms must be instituted to insure that this situation never repeats itself anywhere in America, but it seems as if the Republican Party will refuse to cooperate to deal with the trauma caused by this miscarriage of justice!

Right Wing Extremist Groups Multiply Eight Times Since Barack Obama Became President!

With the tragic news of two police officers murdered in Nevada over the weekend by an extremist right wing couple connected to the Cliven Bundy showoff with the Bureau of Land Management two months ago, it is more clear than ever how dangerous so called “patriot” groups, white supremacists, secessionists, and racists are to the political stability of this country! This is the Ku Klux Klan, Nazi elements, and the John Birch Society remnants come back to life, as if they ever had disappeared!

Statisics show an over 800 percent increase in such groups since Barack Obama became President, and the Republican extremists in the House of Representatives and the Senate, plus the right wing talk shows hosts on radio and Fox News Channel and guests that encourage such bigotry, racism, and fear of the national government, are responsible for what is happening, as they make our President out to be the devil incarnate!

Respect for the government, for law, and for law enforcement officers, has rapidly declined, and more acquisition of firearms by extremists who plot against the government and the police, presents an alarming situation.

And as has been demonstrated by the Secret Service, and other sources, death threats against President Obama continue to multiply, increasing the chances that just one time, it might succeed, and lead to a horrible tragedy.

This author has stated this before, that we must stop the hate, the division, the bigotry, and condemn those who promote it, as we do not wish or need another tragedy, such as the tragedy a half century ago in Dallas, when our youngest President ever elected, and the first Roman Catholic, John F. Kennedy, was brutally assassinated, a tragedy we are still unable to recover from in a complete fashion!