Tyre Nichols

About 1,200 People Killed By Police In 2022, While 64 Police Officers Killed!

The statistics are stunning!

About 1,200 people in America were killed by police in 2022, while 64 police officers were killed!

Any police life lost is unacceptable, as the vast majority of law enforcement personnel are good people, dedicating their lives to fighting crime, and working to make the lives of American citizens better and safer.

But a statistic of 1.200 people killed by police is shocking, and totally unacceptable, and while there are, certainly, some of those killed being criminals dangerous to others, many victims are people with mental and emotional issues, and often not directly harmful to others.

And the horrendous death of Tyre Nichols, who was at most possibly involved in speeding his vehicle, and that is not yet known, shocks all decent people, in the manner in which Memphis police abused him, and how none of the five police charged with second degree murder was willing to step in and stop the victimization of this young man!

And the idea that others who showed up to give medical help stood by for about 19 minutes, not rendering Tyre Nichols aid that could have saved his life, is even more unbelievable and reprehensible!

Our law enforcement community is there to protect us, but that does not give license to engage in behavior more reminiscent of criminal elements and urban gangs.

Tyre Nichols was a gentle soul, small in frame, and abused by police officers much heavier and stronger than he was, and the idea that five black officers did this takes away the so called “race card”, but is inexplicable!

Major reforms must be instituted to insure that this situation never repeats itself anywhere in America, but it seems as if the Republican Party will refuse to cooperate to deal with the trauma caused by this miscarriage of justice!

Murder Of Tyre Nichols By Memphis Black Police Officers Totally Beyond The Pale!

America needs its law enforcement authorities, and crime is an issue that must be dealt with effectively.

But the murder of Tyre Nichols in Memphis by five African American police officers is way beyond the pale!

Nichols was stopped for a traffic violation, and had no weapon on him.

He was 140 pounds and slight build, and was assaulted mercilessly by five police officers who each weigh more than 200 pounds.

They beat him with night sticks, punched him, kicked him, brutalized him, and if it was not for the body cam that is required in most locations in the nation, we would not have any hint of the brutality visited upon this man!

Why would there be a need for FIVE police officers to deal with one person, who was no threat to any of them?

And why chase him, when they had the information about his car, and did not need to have their adrenalin build up to the point of chasing him and murdering him, with no limits in their behavior?

This was a case of using government authority and male ego in the worst possible scenario, and it should horrify every citizen that he or she cannot be certain that they would not face such brutality by police, who clearly overreacted in the extreme, without regard for human life!

Watching the video was tormenting, and the fact of all those involved being of the same race is even more stunning!

And hearing Tyre Nichols scream for his mother was very emotional!

But the full extent of punishment must now be pursued, and police nationwide must be informed that such behavior, despite the stresses of the job, require humanity and level headedness, as no one should NOT have to fear law enforcement as if they are the Nazi Gestapo!