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Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Out Of $150 Million Lost Supporting Alternatives To Barack Obama, Plans For 2016 With Hard Line Right Governors, Another Lost Investment!

Billionaire Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson, who wasted $150 million trying to defeat Barack Obama, by supporting Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney in 2012, is starting early in his quest to find a Republican Governor who can be elected President in 2016.

So, as a result, we had three Republican Governors, all certain to be similar disasters as Mitt Romney was in 2012, being supplicants to this crooked billionaire, who is being investigated by the government for corruption. We have seen Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, and Ohio Governor John Kasich meeting with this man, without the embarrassment that they are being “bought” by a man who is despicable in his desire to control the government by hook or by crook. Rather than utilize his massive $21 billion fortune to promote education in urban ghetto communities; or contribute to medical research on cancer or heart disease or other diseases; or environmental preservation projects; or poverty projects to make life better for children; or any of numerous other useful commitments to the broad American community, Adelson only has the motive to fix the election with his money, but it will fail as in 2012!

NO, instead, the purpose is to “own” politicians to do his bidding, with these nasty, mean spirited, but of course “religious” Governors, not being embarrassed to meet with a multi billionaire who is only out to protect himself and his wealth.

Any flirtation of these characters with Adelson will fail in 2016, and none of these three will end up as the GOP nominee in any case, but if by some fluke one of them ends up as the Presidential nominee of the Republican Party, he will suffer a similar defeat to a superior Democratic opponent, no matter who it ends up being!